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  • Hi Seoul Festival 2011

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    The Hi Seoul Festival 2011, Seoul City’s most prominent cultural festival, is hosted by Seoul Metropolitan City and the Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture. The event will be held for six days from May 5 (Thu) to May 10 (Tue) in Yeouido Hangang Park and downtown Seoul.

    This year’s theme is “Communicating with Seoulites through nonverbal performances”. The festival will be packed with diverse opportunities that will place the spotlight on Seoul citizens, giving them a chance to show off their hidden talents. The event is expected to attract active participation.

    [Australia] Well Theatre_The Great Wall of Books, [Korea] Namudak Movement Research Center, Hi Seoul Festival Volunteers

    The Hi Seoul Festival 2011 will invite one thousand citizens to take part in a wide range of programs, including the Nonverbal Open Contest and the Performance Participation Program.

    The Nonverbal Open Contest is a great chance for blooming amateur artists to test their talent in two categories: Band Music and Nonverbal Performance. Ten finalists in each category will compete on the main stage and the winning team will receive a cash prize.

    Hi Seoul Festival Volunteers

    The Performance Participation Program invites Seoul citizens to join performance teams from Spain, Australia and Korea. The lucky participants will perform air acrobatics, take part in the parade, and appear in nonverbal performances by leading performance groups from both Korea and other countries.

    In addition, the Hi Seoul Festival 2011 is also looking for 400 volunteers who will promote the festival with their dynamic talents and passion.

    The volunteers will be selected upon close review of their qualifications in the relevant fields, namely, Festival Support Personnel, Interpretation, and PR & Marketing, and assigned to their corresponding positions to carry out various support assignments.