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  • Hi Seoul Festival 2011 Ends in Great Success

  • Integrated News SMG 2581

    The Hi Seoul Festival 2011, a nonverbal performing arts festival created by Seoulites and enjoyed by people from all around the world, came to a great finale on May 10 after a six-day run.

    World Street Performance Parade with the participation of 10,000 citizens, Rainbow Drops

    According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, some 1.78 million people (estimated) visited Yeouido Hangang Park and the various downtown parks (Seoul Plaza, Cheonggye Plaza, and Gwanghwamun Square) where the Hi Seoul Festival 2011 was staged over six days.

    The Great Wall of Book, Invasion by Pink Alien

    The Hi Seoul Festival 2011 was again centered on nonverbal performances, just as it was last year. However, this year’s was a more practical and successful festival, combining all the fun and excitement of a festival, effectively living up to its reputation as Seoul’s flagship festival.

    The Hi Seoul Festival 2011 was especially notable for the participation of numerous Seoul residents. The event was held as a “good festival,” moving up a level from a festival intended merely for enjoyment to one that promotes environmental issues and sharing with the underprivileged.

    At Rainbow Drops, the main performance of this year’s festival, fifty courageous citizens, having undergone a three-day workshop in advance after being specially selected, displayed glaring performance at 30 meters midair against a backdrop of fireworks during the grand finale of the festival. In addition, various below experience programs and citizens’ participatory programs were run during the festival to “create the festival in collaboration with members of the audience.”