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Global Seoul Mate Activities

  • Hello Stranger! Seoul Urban Art Project

  • Global Seoul Mate Activities 1111

    Meet the creative group with Sangsangmadang Hello, Stranger!
    Vol.1 Seoul Urban art Project,

    Seoul Urban art Project, a.k.a. SUP is a contemporary art collective unfolding their works on the stage of the city of Seoul without space restraints. They espouse an open gallery concept to communicate with people more directly, away from the traditional white cube art gallery system aiming at a particular audience.

    Come do some rad workshops, watch some of our films, see some live painting, and attend the seminar. Some of Koreas most talented artists under one roof!
    14 May, tue. 4~6pm
    Workshop w15,000-
    Jazoo Yang

    18 May, sat. 4~pm
    Workshop w15,000-

    21 May, tue. 4~6pm
    Workshop Free for Seminar+Film night attendees

    29 May, wed. 8~10pm
    Film night w7,000-
    MC : Garoo
    Panel : Junseok Seo, TJ Choe, Joni Els