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  • Have a Good Time This Summer in the Camping Sites Provided by Seoul Metropolitan Government!

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    [Noeul Park Camp Site, Where You Can See the Most Beautiful Sunset in Seoul]
    The one in Noeul Park Camp Site, which was opened in May 2010, is a popular family camping site in Seoul. There, you will feel as if you are in a rural area, looking at stars in the sky and hearing the chorus sung by frogs. The place boasts of a playground filled with wooden structures, a silk farm, a firefly habitat, and an amateur golfers’ course.

    An electric mini-shuttle bus runs between the parking lot and the camping site. Reservations for August will be accepted starting 2:00 PM on July 15 on a first-come, first-served basis (+82-2-300-5571).

    [Car Camp Site in Jungnang Camp Forest Dubbed 5-star Camp Site]
    This place has become a favorite site among camping lovers. Even during winter and weekdays, 70~80% of the lots are occupied on the average. Car camping is possible in all of the 47 lots. The place is complete with nice lawn areas, wooden picnic tables, electrical outlets, spa, and shower. No wonder, campers call it a five-star camping site.

    Reservations for August will be accepted starting at 2:00 PM on July 15. Tents are not lent here. Campers should bring their own. (+82-2-434-4371~2).

    [Seoul Grand Park Camp Site with a Theme Park and a Zoo]
    The places provide 150 camping lots. Here, you can enjoy fresh air courtesy of the dense forest in Cheonggyesan Mountain. You need not bring special camping equipment; you can have a good time in the valley. Seoul Land (a theme park) as well as a zoo and the National Museum of Contemporary Art are located nearby.

    All lots for weekends in August and September have been booked, but you may still get a lot for the end of August and weekdays in September (+82-2-500-7870).

    [Nanji Camp: The Largest Camping Site in Seoul]
    The Nanji Camping site in Sangam-dong offers 165 camping lots. The area can accommodate up to 2,000 people at a time. You need not make a reservation to stay in a picnic area. You can cook food and hold a barbecue party. To stay in a camping site, however, you have to make a reservation. You may use your own tent or borrow one at the site. For foreigners, Seoul Metropolitan Government receives reservations in English. All lots for weekends in August and September have been booked, but some are still available for weekdays (+82-2-304-0061~3).

    [Gangdong Greenway Close to Herb Park and Gildong Ecological Park]
    The Gangdong Greenway Family Camp Site located at the foot of Iljasan (Mountain) consists of 8 car camping lots which require bringing your own tent and 49 ordinary lots where tents are set up. During the day, you can enjoy the sight of flowers and herbs. At night, the starry sky makes for a wondrous site. Gildong Ecological Park, the first of its kind in Seoul, is located nearby. Each lot comes with free parking for one car.

    Reservations for August will be accepted starting at 10:00 AM on July 5 (+82-2-2045-7880).

    [Byeolbit Maeul in Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do: Opened on July 6]
    Seoul Metropolitan Government opened a camp site at Wolhyeon Elementary School, which was closed in 1995, in Gangrim-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwondo. The place offers 20 camping lots, 3 classrooms for club activities, a bathroom (shower), a cooking place, several parking lots, and a stall. Located two hours away from Seoul by car, the site lets you have a good time in Jucheongang (River) or while hiking in the nearby mountain.

    Use fee: 23,000 per 5-member family for a one-night, two-day stay; mattress, blanket, fireplace, picnic tables, and places for bonfire, table tennis, foot volleyball, or workout provided for free (+82-2-2133-3923)

    [Make Reservations at the Seoul Park Homepage] You can make reservations for camping lots at the homepage (parks.seoul.go.kr). Please check when you can make reservations at the homepage. (Initial screen → Program/Facility reservation → Camping site reservation)

    Summarized Information on Camp Sites

    Type Camping lots Admission
    Camping lot use fee/lot Lease Parking fee
    (for one night and two days)
    Reservation for the following month accepted starting Contact no.
    Noeul Park
    (Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu)
    120 ordinary camping lots
    10,000 won
    (power use: 3,000 won – optional)
    10,000 won
    (5,000 won on weekdays)
    2:00 PM every 15th of the month (+82-2-300-5571)
    Jungnang Camp Forest
    (Mangu-dong, Jungrang-gu)
    47 car camping lots (37,200㎡) 25,000 won
    (power use: 3,000 won – optional)
    4,000 won
    (for leasing sleeping mattress)
    2:00 PM every 15th of the month (+82-2-434-4371~2)
    Seoul Grand Park
    (Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do)
    150 ordinary camping lots
    2,000 won/person
    (1,500 won/teen)
    (1,000 won per child)
    15,000 won
    (inclusive of lease of tent, exclusive of admission)
    1,000 won
    (1 sheet for mattress)
    10,000 won Every 1st of the month
    Nanji Camp
    (Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu)
    165 camping lots (26,000㎡) 3,750 won/person (2,000 won per child aged 5~7 years) 15,000 won
    (inclusive of admission)
    4-person tent: 29,000 won:
    8-person tent: 50,000 won
    Shade: 20,000 won
    Grill: 7,000~
    26,000 won
    Burner: 3,000 won
    5,000 won 13th~15th of the month (+82-2-304-0061~3)
    Gangdong Greenway
    (Gil-dong, Gangdong-gu)
    8 car camping lots and 49 ordinary camping lots
    20,000 won
    (including the lease of tent, sleeping mattress)
    20,000 won
    (including the lease of tent, sleeping mattress)
    10:00 AM every 5th of the month For camping lot: 21,000 won without lease
    Byeolbit Maeul
    (Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do)
    20 ordinary camping lots
    23,000 won
    (including the lease of tent, sleeping mattress, and blanket)
    2:00 PM every 10th of the month (+82-2-2133-3923)

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