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  • Happiness Plus Center for the Developmentally Disabled

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    Established in February 2015, the Happiness Plus Center for the Developmentally Disabled, the first center for adults with developmental disability in Korea, is supporting jobs and recreation for the developmentally disabled after a year.

    According to the records of the center over a year, 313 citizens used its services, which include vocational rehabilitation facilities, life-long education programs, and temporary protection services, with a total of 2,819 times.

    It is thought that this small-sized facility can accommodate many disabled individuals because the demands for distinguished services, such as life-long education and temporary protection services were analyzed through five meetings with experts and protectors of the disabled in order to establish its system.

    In the Happiness Plus Protection Workshop on the first floor, individuals with disabilities are working or training to produce agricultural products. The disabled can participate in the entire process of the production and the tasks are suitable for them in terms of both emotional and social aspects.

    The Self-Support Center on the second floor conducts Future Life Plan for the Disabled sessions for the protectors on housing, laws, income, leisure, and cultural activities to prepare for the future in addition to providing a lifelong education for the disabled.

    The temporary residence on the third floor provides 24-hour care service for up to five days at a time, 30 days a year when a disabled individual requires temporary care due to the protector’s situation, for example a business trip, check-in to the hospital, family occasions, and others.

    There are 29,474 people with mental disorders in Seoul (as of Dec. 2015), accounting for 7.5% of all disabled individuals. As the act on the prohibition of discrimination against and support for mentally disabled persons is enforced, the Seoul Metropolitan Government policies for supporting the mentally disabled have been reinforced, and another local support center and three more life-long education centers will be established in the future.

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