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  • Happiness for $1 “Seoul Public Bike”

  • Issue / Project SMG 1372
    Hello, everyone. I’m Yui from Japan.

    Today, I’m going to ride a Seoul Public Bike called 「Ttareungyi」.

    Let’s do it! Let’s go!

    These bicycles provided by the Seoul Metropolitan Government are called「Ttareungyi」and they can be found all around Seoul. I’ll go over there by this bike.

    Download the application 「Ttareungyi」 on your smartphone and press here. Touch this button, select Japanese, and press “Voucher Purchase.“

    Press OK, enter your credit card number here, and press “Make Payment.” That’s it.

    Now I’ve got my payment number. You should enter this number on the bike.

    Press this button first and this button above here. You need to enter the payment number here, 6341 and 2365. Then, it unlocks.

    If you can’t find an available bike at a certain rental location, you can find other nearby rental locations on the map. All you need to do is search for other rental locations using the application. It’s very useful.

    It’s my first time riding a bike in Seoul.

    Feels so good!

    It’s very cheap and I can rent a bike anytime. I think I’m going to use these bikes often.

    There is a rental location over there where I can return the bike!

    You can return the bike anywhere in Seoul. It’s very convenient.

    I’m from the countryside in a small town in Japan, so Ttareungyi was so amazing for me. I think it is a very useful system.