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  • Hanoi Day: Special Event to Commemorate 20th anniversary of Seoul-Hanoi Sisterly Ties

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    A festival was held in Seoul in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of sisterly ties made between Seoul and the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi.

    During the Hanoi Day (Aug. 18 – 21) event, Vietnamese traditional performances were held and photos introducing the country were displayed at Cheonggye Plaza. The events were expected to get Seoul residents more acquainted with the city of Hanoi.

    In addition, businesspeople of the two cities attended a forum where those from Hanoi provided information for those from Seoul planning to start a business in Vietnam.

    So far, the SMG has exchanged delegations with Hanoi and shared its exemplary policy measures in sectors like planning for future roads, transportation, and how to develop streams inside the city, such as Cheonggyecheon Stream, with Hanoi. The most noticeable sector where the two cities have collaborated with each other has been e-Government. In 2005, the two cities signed an MOU for mutual cooperation in e-Government. Officials of the SMG attended a symposium held in Hanoi in 2006, and Hanoi became a member of WeGO (World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments), an SMG-led body, in 2014.

    Commenting on the event, an official representing the SMG said that the event was a good opportunity to solidify the basis of the relationship of mutual goodwill between the two cities, and will help people of the two cities understand each other better. The official also said that the SMG will continue to strive to collaborate with Hanoi in sectors like e-Government, culture, tourism, and urban planning.