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  • Hangang Yeouido transforms to the hub of waterborne traffic, tourism and culture in 2019

  • Press Releases SMG 2217

    – SMG announced ‘Yeoui Cultural Naru Masterplan’, streamlining the 4 major projects on Hangang river
    ① Yeouinaru(Main Ferry Terminal): First ferry terminal for public·private vessels, which has an observatory in the upper level
    ② Yeouijung(Pier Deck): Waterside distraction with places to eat, things to see and enjoy
    ③ Yeoui Maroo(Yeoui Terrace): Culture and Industrial road alongside Yoonjoongno, by constructing a road that connects Yeoui Jeong and Yeoui Maroo ④ Ari Culture Center(Culture Complex): Multi Contents Complex and community center for the citizens
    – 193.1 bn won invested (funded by the central gov + Seoul city gov + private corporate)

    □ By 2019, Hangang Park, Yeouido area (Mapodaegyo – Wonhyodaegyo) will be developed as a waterside attraction hub for water transports, leisure sports, life style, tourism·culture and relaxation.

    □ First ever in Seoul, a ferry terminal (Yeouinaru) with a public·private integrated vessel entry and departure system will be set up for cruise ships to water taxis and private yachts. From the new upper level observatory, you will be able to view Hangang’s beautiful landscape. Hangang area (Yeouijung) and Yunjungno (Yeouimaru) area streets will be developed for restaurants, cafes and stores. In addition, a cultural complex (Ari Cultural Center) will be added.

    □ Seoul Metropolitan Government announced to build 4 facilities of culture·tourism, Yeouinaru Cultural Master Plan (Yeoui Munhwa Naru), on the 9th (Thursday). This plan is to enhance the economic livelihood of Seoul by developing one of the best tourism spots, Hangang. Inside Hangang Park in Yeouido, there will be structures of a total building area of 13,500㎡ (floor area 25,600㎡) and by 2019 total of 193.1 billion won (government fund 59.6 billion won, city fund 59.6 billion won, private fund 73.9 billion won) will be deployed for the development.
    * Secured funding for this year of 25.6 billion won (government 12.8 billion won, city 12.8 billion won)
    ○ Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced Hangang nature restoration and tourism resource progression plan with the central government in August 2015 and has developed and shaped up the 4 key project master plan by undertaking services and holding up to total of 160 meetings with experts by fields in March 2016.

    □ The key direction of this plan is to transform Hangang Park, Yeouido to a cultural bridgehead of future Hangang with it superb cultural·geographical potential as Hangang Park, Yeouido was the most visited park in Hangang (in 2015, 17.83 million people) and Hangang Park, Yeouido is not cut off by vehicle lanes.
    ○ Especially, Hangang is disadvantaged due to its seasonal and locational conditions of floods in summer and its winters etc., so in order to gain certainty of safety·validity·public interest, Seoul Metropolitan Government has gone through many discussions to eliminate the fundamentally underlying issues such as continuous profit loss of private businesses and ensuring public interest.
    ○ In addition, to enhance the feasibility and sustainability of the project, Seoul Metropolitan Government has come up with 4 major principles (▲ Minimization of Hangang Park’s environmental destruction and safe guarding public interest ▲ Executing the project as planned within the financial budget ▲ Facility planning and project structure with participation of private sector in mind ▲ Attraction factor and revitalization through effective operation
    management of the project)

    □ The 4 key waterside facility projects are 1. Yeouinaru (Integrated Ferry Terminal) 2. Yeouijung (Pier Deck), ground structures of 3.Yeouimaru (Yeoui Terrace) 4. Ari Cultural Center (Cultural Complex).

    1.Yeouinaru (Integrated ferry terminal): A ferry terminal with integrated public·private vessel entry and departure management system and upper level observatory deck

    □ Yeouinaru (floater 2,400㎡+ above water structure 2,100㎡) will be a ferry terminal first of its kind in Seoul that has an integrated public·private vessel entry and departure management system. It will be used for various public and private type of vessels from ferries, cruise ships, local government vessels, water taxis and private yachts. On the upper deck there will also be an observatory.
    ○ Especially, It will act as an integrated control tower for the currently scattered control systems for local government vessels and as a hub for water transports and as a good preparation for increasing demand of water leisure sports that has been growing 5%~10% yearly.

    2. Yeouijung (Pier deck): Hangang area cultural attraction with things to eat, see and enjoy

    □ Yeouijung (floor area 7,000㎡) will be the attraction in the Hangang area. Commercial districts with things to eat, see and enjoy will be built and it will be connected to Yeouinaru and Pier deck.
    ○ Especially, in consideration of potential damage of Bamseom, an ecological preservation area of Ramsar wetland islet site, a decision was made to change the initial decision of building a floating structure to a ground structure on the river side instead.
    ○ Hangang Park, Yeouido with an increasing number of visitors has a lack of convenience facilities, increased waste, accidents caused by food deliveries. Seoul Metropolitan Government has plans to perform a survey with tourists and citizens prior to finalizing the detailed project plan, in order to supplement the lack of convenience facilities and to add more unique contents.

    3.Yeouimaru (Yeoui Terrace): Cultural, commercial town of Yoonjungro area, Yeouijung~ Yeouimaru multi-level connection road will be built

    □ Yeouimaru (floor area 8,500㎡) will be a commercial district along Yoonjungro. Restaurants, cafes, tourism and culture shops will take up this district. It will also connect Yeouido (city) and Hangang to act as a ‘connecting space’ for office workers, residents and for foreign and local tourist.
    ○ Seoul Metropolitan Government will develop the district with restaurants, cafes, shops for tourist, leisure sports shops such as bicycle shops under the aim to revitalize tourism but also take into consideration the need for residents and office workers in the area and develop it with life-style shops containing fashion and interior.
    ○ Also, to guard against, over-commercializing the area, there will be a youth art and cultural space as a symbol of commercial space combined with art and cultural spaces.
    □ The multi-level connecting road from Yeouijung to Yeouinaru will make it convenient to walk over. You will be able to walk from the ferry terminal to Yeouijung and on to Yeouimaru and Yeouimaru is accessible both by subway (Yeouinaru station) and bus. This will make public transport easily accessible.
    ○ There was a plan change for the connecting road, in order to reduce the impact on the environment, other existing structures and characteristic of Hangang. Seoul Metropolitan Government has taken a view that it should be built to prevent accidents by overlapping with bicycle routes to protect pedestrians.
    ○ There were conflicting opinions between developing the space for its purpose and environmental concerns, so this will be decided at a later time, after going through the stages of design contests, discussions and advices with careful consideration.

    4. Ari Cultural Center (Cultural complex): Multi-function contents-centric cultural complex, citizen communication center

    □ Ari Cultural Center (floor area 8,000㎡) is a contents-centric cultural complex and an anchor facility for revitalizing tourism and culture for Hangang. The facility will be divided into ▲Permanent exhibition hall ▲Rental exhibition hall ▲ Children’s science experience hall. It will be built not only as a mere exhibition hall but also as a culture and art center through collaboration with artists (contents) and architects (architecture) and as a multi-functional space for citizens.
    ○ Permanent exhibition hall will be run with the base of Commission Work with pieces designed for the purpose and the space of the hall ahead of time. It will be a new generation exhibition space that combines Hangang and art.
    ○ Children’s science experience hall will serve as a play area for children for those who are capable of learning and
    experiencing. Also it will be used for exhibition, rest, education etc., with participation with local residents serving as a
    community center (Multi-functional space).
    ○ Seoul Metropolitan Government has changed the location eastern from the initial plans to prevent damage to
    Hangang’s geological factor (to reduce changing the public parking lot entrance) and to consider the connectivity to 63
    City building and Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market.

    □ Seoul Metropolitan Government has customized the project plans individually for 4 key projects on execution time and stages to minimize risks. Yeouinaru which is an administrative asset and a financial project will be in stage 1, a starter project. A general asset, Yeouijung and Yeouimaru will be a consignment project and in stage 2. Ari Cultural Center will be a public cultural project and in stage 3.

    * 4 Key Project Structure Comparison

    Types Yeouinaru Yeouijung Yeouimaru Ari Cultural Center
    Asset Administrative General Administrative
    Statute Community property (Public Finance) Community property (Private-sector participation) Community property (Public Finance)
    Funding Public finance
    30 billion won
    Public finance
    30 billion won
    Public finance
    13 billion won
    42 billion won
    Public finance
    63.1 billion won
    Distinction Starter financial project
    (Enhance citizen use)
    Public & private sector collaboration (Community property consignment development) Public cultural project
    (Cultural attraction)
    Contest Type Design competition Consignment company bid
    (KAMCO, LH Corporation, SH Corporation)
    Design+Contents competition
    Stage 1 2 3


    □ Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced to hold an international design competition (total prize award of 100 million won) for the starter project, Yeouinaru (Integrated Ferry Terminal). The first prize winner will preserve the right to use the design for the project.
    ○ Main space (floor area 2,100㎡) ① Waiting room for boarding and leaving vessels, functional facilities as ticketing counter etc., ② Supporting and convenience facility for ①. Seoul Metropolitan Government anticipates various ideas since it will be leading model of structures to be built in Hangang area and will also be one of main models of observatory space of natural landscape of Seoul along with Yeouido and Namsan.

    □ Applications for participation period is from 9th February (Thursday) to 10th April (Monday) 5PM at Seoul Metropolitan Government’s integrated Seoul Public Project Competition website ‘Project Seoul’ (http://project.seoul.go.kr) and the design can be submitted to ‘Seoul Metropolitan Government Public Development Center’ by 17th May (Wednesday)
    ○ Technical evaluation (24th May)  Evaluation (29th May~31st May) Winner announcement (1st June). This will be the steps and schedule and you will be able to view the winners and the designs on the website.
    ○ Further instructions can be found on the website and inquiries can be made at Seoul Metropolitan Government Public Development Center (TEL: 2133-8368).

    □ Jin Hee Sun, Director of Urban Regeneration Headquarters has said, “We are advancing Hangang from merely a river that it may have been in the past into a key space for culture and tourism. We intend to consider the impact to the river, ensure the stability of the structures and minimize the environmental damage. On the Yeouinaru ferry terminal starting with the collaboration with the central government, we will consider these circumstances as much as possible by continuously examining the planning through expert advices and discussions. And at a later stage, also supplement and develop the remaining projects.”