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  • Hangang volunteers of 2010 commemorated

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    The 1st Hangang Volunteers’ Exhibition

    Seoul City celebrated the yearly contribution of the volunteers for the Hangang (River) on Dec. 5 in commemoration of Volunteers’ Day. The city held the Hangang Volunteers’ Day Annual Event under the theme “Beautiful Hangang, Happy People.”

    Volunteers’ Day was officially established in 2005 to foster national sentiment for public volunteering. Seoul City holds various volunteer commemorative events and cultural events to express gratitude towards the volunteering community on or around Volunteers’ Day that falls on Dec. 5.

    There are currently about 1,000 volunteers for the 12 Hangang parks and the four Hangang ecological parks.

    The latest Hangang Volunteers’ Day Anniversary Event featured a variety of commemorative events, such as an exhibition featuring works created by volunteers, a field trip to the National Institute of Biological Resources in Incheon, and a 2010 Seoul volunteers’ group competition. Others included celebration events and commemorative programs for the different volunteer categories, such as information center volunteers, as well as the 2010 Hangang Volunteer personal experience presentation program, among others.