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  • Han River Space-out Competition

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  • 2016 Hangang Space-out Competition

    On April 30, 2017 (Sunday) from 3pm to 8pm, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the 2017 Hangang Space-out Competition under Seongsandaegyo Bridge in Mangwon Hangang Park.

    The event will be performed with the concept, “Give your brain a break at the Hangang River.”

    All you have to do during the competition is to fight boredom and sleep by remaining awake. To win the competition, participants should maintain a stable heartbeat while wearing a heart rate monitor. The winner will be awarded a trophy and a certificate.

    To participate in the competition, submit an application on-line ( from 9am on April 3rd, to 6pm on April 6th. The evaluation committee will review all applications, especially focusing on motives, and select 70 participants.

    ※ The 2017 Hangang Space-out Competition received over 3,500 applicants during the first day. The application has been closed early on April 4th.

    The programs of Hangang Space-out Competition will be carried out in the order of △ Opening ceremony, △ Space-out exercise, △ Cardiography (all participants), △ Citizens’ vote, and △ Award ceremony.

    Inquiries: Hangang Project Headquarters (82-2-3780-0799)

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  • MITUL KANSAL 06/12/2017 (1:01 오후)

    The players competed for 90 minutes. The rules were rather strict. They were not allowed to look at their cell phones, doze off or fall asleep. It was also prohibited for them to sing, laugh, or speak, any of which would lead to disqualification. Contestants’ heartbeats were checked every 15 minute