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    The Hangang Parks are located on the river banks of the Hangang River that flows through Seoul. There are 12 parks that make up the Hangang Parks. In 1982 the Hangang River Development Project was launched and completed in 1986. As time went by the buildings, roads and construction left limited access to some of the parks and the parks became less known and used by people. In 2007 a new project was launched called the Hangang Renaissance Project. The Hangang Renaissance project is a huge undertaking and started in 2007 and will finish up in 2030. The project will transform the parks and areas around the Hangang River into a place of culture, art, leisure and riverside cities. There are many aspects that will be addressed but the main theme is creation and restoration. Each of the park area has a special theme that will be used as a basis to develop the park and surrounding area. The main goal of the Hangang Parks in the 1980′s was to create an environmentally friendly space that the citizens of Seoul, Koreans, foreigners and tourists could enjoy. That is still the plan with the Renaissance project. The parks are also sometimes referred to the Hangang Citizens Parks. Throughout the parks you can find an abundance of sporting facilities (over 257) including soccer fields, skateboarding and in-line skating parks, tennis courts, hiking / biking trails and many many more facilities. Plenty of water related sports are available and swimming pools. All year round there is something for people to enjoy at the Hangang Parks. Many events and festivals are held at each park. Here is the list of Hangang Parks. Hangang Gangseo Park Hangang Park Nanji Hangang Mangwon Park Hangang Seonyudo Park Hangang Yanghwa Park Hangang Yeouido Park Hangang Ichon Park Hangang Banpo Park Hangang Jamwon Park Hangang Ttukseom Park Hangang Jamsil Park Hangang Gwangnaru Park Get out and explore one of the many Hangang Parks in Seoul. All parks are open 24 hours a day.