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  • Hangang Park Fountains Open in May

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    Seven fountains in the Hangang Parks will be in operation from May 1 to October 31. In addition to the Banpo Bridge Moonlight Rainbow Fountain and Yeouido Park Floating Fountain, which have been in operation since April 1, three fountains (Ttukseom Park Music Fountain, Cascade Fountain, and Nanji Park Mirror Fountain) will begin operation in May, and two fountains (Ttukseom Park Water Screen and Nanji Park Swimming Pool Fountain) will be open from July.

    The operation of these fountains depends on the characteristics of the fountains as well as the city’s energy conservation efforts, and also varies by season and weekday/holiday. The hours of operation vary accordingly. The Hangang Park fountains are closed for cleaning and regular inspections on Mondays; the Yeouido Cascade Fountain is closed on Mondays and Fridays; and the Banpo Bridge Moonlight Rainbow Fountain operates daily.

    Ttukseom Park Music Fountain is an in-ground musical fountain located in the open expanse of a riverside plaza. Since the musical fountain is easily accessible by the public and provides a safe place for children to play and their parents or guardians to rest, it has become incredibly popular. It is a great place to visit as part of a trip to the many surrounding green areas. In particular, the Ttukseom Water Screen offers a rare opportunity for people to watch animated films and other videos on a “screen of water” and enjoy spectacular musical fountain shows.

    ‣ Ttukseom Hangang Park: http://english.seoul.go.kr/life-information/natural-attractions/hangang/3-ttukseom/

    Moonlight Rainbow Fountain is the world’s longest bridge fountain, spanning a distance of 1,140 meters, leading it to be registered in the Guinness Book of World Records on November 17, 2008. Its dazzling fountain shows with background music and colorful lights accentuate the beautiful night view of the Hangang River. Thanks to the vibrant feast of colorful lights and fantastic night performances, it has become a favored attraction for photographers. Moreover, it has gained popularity overseas by being featured in a number of Korean films and television dramas, such as Boys over Flowers and Iris.

    ‣ Banpo Hangang Park: http://english.seoul.go.kr/life-information/natural-attractions/hangang/6-banpo/

    “Floating Fountain” at Yeouido Hangang Park, installed alongside the world’s first floating performance stage, showcases multimedia content combined with musical fountains and LED lights. There are often large numbers of passersby stopping to watch the shows here. The Cascade Fountain, located next to the Floating Fountain, both visualizes and auralizes the flow of water using the geological drop. It is also a popular place for family picnics, owing to the great scenery of the Hangang River and the variety of performances and cultural events.

    ‣ Yeouido Hangang Park: http://english.seoul.go.kr/life-information/natural-attractions/hangang/8-yeouido/

    Mirror Fountain in Nanji Park is a 12,300-square-meter in-ground fountain and a great place to visit as part of a trip to the nearby Silver Grass Field in Haneul Park or the World Cup Stadium. The visual scenery and attractions of this place are enjoyed by Koreans and foreigner visitors alike. In particular, the Swimming Pool Fountain at Nanji Park is renowned for its vibrant dancing streams of water, and is particularly favored by families with children, as they can enjoy the fountain while swimming in the public pool.

    ‣ Nanji Hangang Park: http://english.seoul.go.kr/life-information/natural-attractions/hangang/9-nanji/

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