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  • Hangang Nightscape Tour Packed with Starlight Scenery & Story-telling Every Saturday

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    Hangang Nightscape Tour Packed with Starlight Scenery & Story-telling Every Saturday
    Banpo Hangang ParkSeoraeseom Island Nightscape
    Banpo Hangang ParkSeoraeseom Island Nightscape
    Moonlight Rainbow Fountain
    Moonlight Rainbow FountainMoonlight Rainbow Fountain

    From July 28 to October 27, Seoul will be operating the Hangang Nightscape Tour every Saturday from 8pm at the Banpo Hangang Park, offering hidden historical and cultural anecdotes amid the night scenery. Operation hours will run from 8pm to 9:30pm, limiting the number of participants to 40 people per session with one tour guide assigned for every 20 people.

    The Hangang Nightscape Tour is a newly-developed program with the aim of introducing a unique tour course in line with the concept of exploring the extraordinary nightscape of the Hangang River, which remains unseen in the midst of the humid summer weather during the daytime. The tour will be available until this October, operating under the theme of ‘A Romantic Night at the Hangang under the Stars.’

    The highlight of the Hangang Nightscape Tour, perhaps, is the stories told by specialist tour guides that offer hidden historical and cultural anecdotes amid the beautiful night scenery. The guides supply a range of in-depth nighttime story-telling under the stars about parts of Seoul you may be familiar with but had not been aware of up until now, which pertain to the hidden lights and colors of the night, the bridges running across the Hangang River, the vicinity architecture, Seoraeseom Island, the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain and more.

    The course embarks from Seoraeseom Island for participants to quietly take some time to themselves while enjoying the nightscape, before moving on to Sebitseom Island, manmade islands embodying the shape of a flower where everyone can feast their eyes on the brilliant media façade. Lastly, the tour concludes under the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, earning the honor of becoming the Guinness World Record holder for the being world’s longest bridge fountain, allowing participants to enjoy the fountain performance, synchronizing the vibrant LED-lighted fountains nozzles with the music.

    Specially-designed photo zones and events are also in store for those attending the tour. Feel free to take photographs amid the LED-lit backdrop of the Hangang River at the Romantic Nightscape Photozone, exclusively in operation during tour hours every Saturday from 8pm to 9:30pm.

    Since the Hangang Nightscape Tour is operated strictly during the late-evening hours, participants must be at least 19 years of age in order to join, while children under the age of 19 require an accompanying guardian or family members. Tour admission is free and registration is available via the Public Service Reservation official site(http://yeyak.seoul.go.kr)from Friday, July 20. The number of participants per tour is limited to 40 and will also be operated on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Inquiries: 82-70-7791-2759