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  • Hang-dong Railroad & Pureun Arboretum

  • Photos of Today SMG 1529
    Hang-dong Railroad, located in Guro-gu, is a railroad trail with a vintage atmosphere in an urban area. Established in 1959, Hang-dong Railroad is a 4.5-km railroad trail that belongs to Guro Ollegil where you can walk between the deep greenery and green barley.

    Beside Hang-dong Railroad, which is beloved as a place for meditation in an urban area, there is the Pureun Arboretum, the first municipal arboretum in Seoul. It includes 20 themed gardens, including the Wild Flower Garden, Rose Garden and Children’s Garden, with more than 2,100 kinds of rare plants. There is also Forest Education Center that provides education and exhibitions related to plants.


    Hang-dong Railroad – 1189, Ori-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul

    Pureum Arboretum – 240, Yeondong-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul

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