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  • Haneul Park in Seoul

  • Haneul Park in Seoul

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    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, MAY 24: (No charge for the supply, release, or publication of the photograph. The photos are allowed for editorial and commercial use, and the image is retouched with color modifications.)

    Haneul Park, which sits at the highest point of World Cup Park, is an eco-friendly ecological park once a landfill site. Every May, the park becomes filled with flora to manifest different charms than its autumn scenery, especially against the clear blue sky in harmony with the sky-filled bowl (observatory) and the lush barley field. The park trails are great for casual strolls and can be enjoyed year-round by couples and families. We recommend that you take a light stroll in the park in the cool weather before summer arrives or even hop on Haneul Park’s “Maengkkongi” electric cart up to the top of the park.