Handmade Shoemaster & U-Know Yunho

Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you as well. My name is U-Know Yunho.
Wow, I’ve seen this place a lot on blogs.
Seongsu-dong is known for the Handmade Shoes Street.
I was excited to hear
this place will become the main street
Shoes have special meaning for men, right?
Yes, they do.
What was your first impression of me?
Your face is much smaller than I thought.
I was trying to come up with
the type of boots for you.
Never thought I’d meet U-Know Yunho
working in my profession.
Can this be done?
Studs for decoration.
[Discussing design ideas with shoemaster]
I was thinking
perhaps black suede for the boots.
Since they’re boots, you know around the ankle
they have 6 inches
like space around the ankle

[U-Know Yunho prepared design in detail]
The inner diameter,
could be about 24 to 24.5 centimeters
How about adding zippers
making it unique
You are the expert.
[Taking measurements]
I will make a great pair of shoes for you.
We’re also from the same part of the country.
It’s really great meeting you.

Hello, Seongsu-dong handmade shoe lovers.
It’s U-Know Yunho of TVXQ.
It’s a great honor to meet with the
handmade shoemaster in Seongsu-dong
and take part in making a pair of handmade shoes.
I’m grateful to be a part of the
design process and excited for
U-Know Yunho handmade shoes.
Most of all, these shoes mean a lot to me,
knowing that these will be auctioned off
and the proceeds will help making special shoes for
people with developmental disabilities.
Pride of handmade shoes in Korea.
Please continuously show your love and interest
for Seongsu-dong handmade shoes.
This was U-Know Yunho of TVXQ.
Thank you.

Good luck to Seongsu-dong handmade shoes!