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  • Hanbit Media Gallery holds paper exhibition for memories

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    Seoul City said it was delighted to be able to hold a paper exhibition offering a ride down memory lane in Euljiro, the heart of the city, until late November.

    The paper exhibition called “Space of the Memory” features about 50 works created by the Korean paper craftsman Jung Eun-ha. The exhibition runs from Nov. 9 to 28 at the Hanbit Media Gallery.

    Space of the memory - Bag, Lamp, Gobi

    Seoul City said the exhibition is aimed at moving visitors to look back on the fond and beautiful memories locked away within them. Artist Jung Eun-ha said her memories and the emotions tied to them are captured in the colors of the paper she used in each of her pieces.

    The exhibition features trinkets, jewelry boxes, chests of drawers, and lamps made of paper. The unique characteristic of the pieces is that they combine sentiments of the modern and the traditional.

    Flower, A chest of drawers/cabinet, Hexagonal lamp

    Paper craft can also be enjoyed through digital images as high-tech presentations offer interpretations of the paper creations and the work of a photographer. Admission to the “Space in Memory” exhibition is free. The exhibition is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. It is closed on Mondays.