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  • Hallyu Tour – Kpop in Seoul

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    It’s time for a new GSL Mission, this time, to create a Tour in Seoul.

    Are you a Kpop Lover?, why not book a room at the Kpop Stayin Hongdae, not only Hongdae is very trendy but you’ll get to meet other kpop fans!

    The Kpop Stay is located in 6-153 Changjeon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-880, South Korea

    Or you can stay at the Kpop Residence located in Myeong Gwang B/D 3F, 2-7,2nd st, Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea ‎1800 687 236‎

    Once we have the accommodation solved, why not going out for lunch?

    Maybe you can start with a visit to Nodaji Restaurant and check out their INFINITE memorabilia, this restaurant is located at the Children’s Grand Park Station Subway line 7, Exit 4, look for the Noraebang street on your right and walk down the street for a couple of minutes.

    You’ll get to see INFINITE signed posters, CD’s, and pictures of the Members at this restaurant!
    After lunch, you can take a walk and wonder around the Myeongdong area, you’ll find yourself in shopping paradise and I’m sure you’ll find that Kpop merchandise you have been waiting for, or you can just window shop and might as well end up taking a picture with a life-sized image of an Idop promoting some products

    To finish up your night, you can go into the K-Story Kpop Cafe located in 22-6 Chungmuro 1il-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Find life-sized posters and fanart of your favorite kpop idols! You can purchase CDs, autographed posters, Girl’s Generation trading cards all while sipping on a latte here. This place is rumoured to be managed by Super Junior’s Heechul’s older sister.

    Poto credit: mykoreanboyfriend.com
    For Day 2, why not start with a nice breakfast at Twosome Café/Studio in Hongdae, this coffee shop is also a studio/gallery co-owned by Teddy YG Producer and you can find Mina Kwon’s art there!

    Continue your day with a Visit to some of the biggest Entertainment companies in S. Korea?, pay a quick visit to YG, SM, JYP or Cube, just be respectful as some times this places are full with other fans and try not to take pictures without prior authorization

    JYP – Image: google.com
    Don’t forget to drop by the EatYourKimchi studio, you might get to meet them and perhaps talk a bit more about Kpop!!

    And since not everything in this tour has to be kpop related, why not going to Lotte World and have some fun at the rides?

    After such a tiring day, you can finish up with a dinner at Se7en’s Chicken stew restaurant “Yeolbong Jjimdak 열봉찜닭”.

    So, there you have it, a 2 day Kpop Tour around Seoul :, there are a lot of other places you can go to get your Kpop Fix, but if you only have a couple of days, this might do

    -Gisela V.