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  • Haechi taxi gains popularity

  • Integrated News SMG 5957

    Seoul’s customized Seoul orange colored Haechi Taxi line, enjoying its first anniversary this year, is rising in popularity, Seoul City said.

    It attributes the growing demand for this 4,000 strong fleet to the vehicles’ eye-catching color, making it easier to spot and hail a Haechi taxi. Seoul City added that the taxi line is gradually establishing itself as a symbol of the Korean capital.

    A survey of 800 taxi patrons conducted in January by Metrix Corporation showed that 55.8 percent, or a total of 446, of the respondents had experienced using a Haechi Taxi. Of the 446, 50.3 percent, or 224, of the respondents said they favored the Seoul signature taxis.

    The initial negative reaction of taxi drivers to the taxi’s color has also been seeing a significant improvement, Seoul City noted. It said the Seoul orange colored Haechi Taxi is gaining the reputation of being a “friendly” taxi.

    According to Seoul City, the usefulness and convenience of the bright color, which also portrays a “fresh image,” is prompting other cities around the country to adopt the same color for their taxi fleets.