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  • Hadogam Leesaengjeon (A Story about Lee Saeng of Hadogam)

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    A storyteller tells us a story of how Lee, a linen peddler, managed to join Hullyeondogam, the military headquarters in charge of training troops, during the Joseon dynasty. This performance is the first item of the project for the development of stories about people who live near Dongdaemun.

    • Place : Outdoor Stage at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park
    • Period : Saturdays and Sundays, October 19 ~ November 10
      – 4: 30 PM and 5:30 PM in October, 3:00 PM and 4: 30 PM in November
    • For inquiries, please call : Tourism Policy Division (+82-2-2133-2817)
      Dongdaemun District Storytelling Secretariat (METAA Co., Ltd., +82-2-764-6547)

    Hadogam, a unit of Hullyeondogam, the military headquarters, serves as the setting for this story. It is the site of history containing the joy and sorrow of the troops of the Joseon dynasty.
    Hadogam Leesaengjeon is a stage play about how Lee, a linen peddler, managed to join Hullyeondogam and went on to grow as a successful linen peddler. The country’s traditional martial arts are also introduced to give fun to the audience.

    Dongdaemun (also called Heunginjimun) History & Culture Park and Dongdaemun Design Plaza are places that contain many stories about grassroots people, along with the history and culture of Seoul. Diverse stories are told about the area being turned into tourism resources. These new resources are expected to give pleasure to visitors.