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  • Hackathon opens under the theme “30 hour endeavor of solving the city’s problems”

  • Press Releases SMG 2250

    – A “Hackathon” will open to resolve Seoul issues related to welfare, environment, culture and tourism, health, transportation and etc.
    – Divided into “Makerthon” and “Ideathon,” it will be made into products and business items of corporations
    – Application due by Friday, June 3rd; 400 people will be chosen for the final competition on June 25th ~26th via for pre-selection and mentoring
    – Foreigners who reside in Seoul can also participate, will be awarded with 23 million KRW, and will be supported with domestic patent registration
    – The SMG’s and 400 citizens’ ideas and R&D are put together to solve Seoul’s problems

    A “Hackathon” where 400 people’s ideas and cooperation in an effort to resolve Seoul’s city problems such as welfare, environment, culture and tourism, health, and transportation will be held.

    Hackathon is a compound word comprised of “hacker” and “marathon”, and it refers to a competition which gathers ideas to create specific results by making teams for specific themes for a limited time.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and the Seoul Business Agency (SBA, CEO Hyeongcheol Joo) will launch ‘I·Hackathon·U’ (Make Seoul Better) to find “resolutions for Seoul’s city problem” and link them to R&D. The application will be registered at the SBA website by Friday, June 3rd .

    The event is called “Your and My Hackathon” (I·Hackathon·U) where Seoul citizens can gather together to make Seoul better.

    This year’s Hackathon will focus on resolving Seoul’s problems and Seoul citizens and foreigners who live in Seoul who are interested in areas such as city welfare, environment, culture and tourism, health, and transportation can participate. Three or four people can form a team and apply to register. (Individuals can apply to make a team)

    The Hackathon will be divided into two parts: the Makerthon (making prototypes) and the Ideathon (suggesting new and practical products and services based on technology). The SMG and the SBA will link the project into making a product of a company or a business by utilizing practical technology development suggested by citizens during the ‘I·Hackathon·U’.

    In particular, the project will be able to solve various city problems and continue linking citizens’ technological suggestions with actual products and businesses.

    The SMG has been supporting R&D since 2005 and by last year, 472.2 billion KRW was invested in 1,513 projects in order to increase the living quality of citizens and to facilitate Seoul’s economy.

    ※ R&D achievements: 4,748 theses, 1,997 patent applications, 709 patent registrations, etc.
    – Via the Seoul Strategic Industry Supporting Project (’10~’15), “Biodegradable Metal Screws” made of bodily ingredients such as calcium or magnesium that are used to bond fractures were developed for the first time in the world
    – ‘Microneedles’ (Patch-type Zero-Pain Injection) (’10~’14) were developed, which are a new dimensional injection system which removed conventional needle’s downsides such as pain, trauma, or infection

    Seoul Mayor Won-Soon Park said, “The coming Hackathon is the first example where 400 citizens’ ideas and R&D are brought together to overcome problems of a city. The administration is planning to take advantage of the result to find solutions Seoul’s city issues including traffic jams, noise complaints, or micro fine dust and to commercialize those solutions. To this end, the SMG is waiting for more and more citizens to take part.”

    Seoul citizens, companies headquartered in Seoul, and foreigners who live in Seoul who want to participate in the project with the theme “30 hour endeavor of solving the city’s problems”, (‘I·Hackathon·U’) can visit the SBA website (https://www.sba.seoul.kr/kr/sbac01l1) and go to the project application corner by June 3rd and submit a project suggestion paper online.

    For more details, contact the Seoul Business Agency’s Corporation Growth Team’s R&D Support Center (tiger@sba.seoul.kr), Global Center (hackatseoul.com), or Facebook group ‘I·Hackathon·U’.