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  • Gyeongui Line Book Street

  • Photos of Today SMG 45804

    Located by AK Plaza in Mapo-gu, Gyeongui Line Book Street is the of an urban regeneration project made to serve as a cultural space under the theme of “Books to promote reading culture” with the hope that visitors will share the wisdom of life through even just a single book and assist the development of the publishing industry.

    Gyeongui Line Book Street is 6.3 km long, including Gyeongui Line Forest Park, and is adjacent to the Hongik University and Sinchon areas, which are frequented by young people. In some sections, there are reproductions of former Gyeongui Line’s railway and crossings, making it a popular spot for couples to visit on their dates for a photo op.

    The longest section that covers Yeonnam-dong is called Yeontral Park because it resembles the hip Central Park in New York. It has become so popular that it even serves as a new tourist destination for international tourists.

    There are various bookstores and walking courses along Gyeongui Line Book Street, making it perfect for even solitary walks and solo outings.

    Visit Gyeongui Line Book Street, and enjoy being immersed in thought with books!

    Address: 35, Wausan-ro 37-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

    Pedestrian path under lush trees

    Pedestrian path ensconced in urban green space

    Visitors entering Gyeongui Line Book Street

    Bird’s eye view as seen from above over a bridge

    Sculpture of a girl and books on the wall of the main plaza

    Hangeul art installation as seen from below looking up

    Bird’s eye view of trees with orange-hued leaves

    Smile Cafe across Gyeongui Line Book Street

    Visitors walking down the pedestrian path under lush trees

    Sculpture of a young man playing guitar over reeds

    Visitors near the railroad intersectionl

    Visitors walking down the pedestrian path by the railroad tracks

    Train station and platform at the main plaza

    A nearby cafe covered with tropical plants

    Creative Workshops of Gyeongui Line Book Street behind reeds and greenery