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  • Gyeongchun Line Forest Park

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    The old section that ran across Seoul has become defunct following the opening of Gyeongchun Line’s double-track railway in 2010. Since then, this area has undergone a transformation and reborn as Gyeongchun Line Forest Park.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government built this forest park on the 6-km section from Gyeongchun Railroad Bridge near the current Wolgye Station of subway line 1 to Damteo Village on the border of Seoul.

    Unlike Gyeongui Line Forest Park, the original track of Gyeongchun Line is preserved as modern industrial and cultural heritage, bringing back old memories and arousing nostalgia to visitors.

    Set amid the dense forest of this park is Hwarangdae Railway Park, which doubles as a light park at night. Gyeongchun Line Forest Park also features a walking trail and an old train on display.

    How about taking a leisurely walk through Gyeongchun Line Forest Park to enjoy clean air in the heart of the city?

    Location: Gongneung-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul

    Gyeongchun Line Forest Park

    Gyeongchun Railroad Bridge near Wolgye Station

    Forest Park

    Original tracks of Gyeongchun Line

    Hwarangdae Railroad Park

    Walking trail at Hwarangdae Railroad Park

    Children playing at Hwarangdae Railroad Park

    Walking trail at Gyeongchun Line Forest Park

    People walking along the trail

    Transformation to a light-filled park

    Old train at Gyeongchun Line Forest Park

    Mikako-class locomotive at Gyeongchun Line Forest Park

    Hwarangdae Station

    Gyeongchun Line Tram Library

    Gyeongchun Line Forest Trail