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  • Gyeongchun Line Forest

    00:00:00 I heard that the director will take lots of pretty pictures of me today,
    00:00:05 So I came to Gyeongchun Line Forest
    00:00:10 Then let’s figure out
    00:00:14 if he’s a good photographer!
    00:00:30 Gyeongchun Line Forest is a beautiful forest path for citizens which was made through urban regeneration.
    00:00:34 Along the path, the former railroad tracks and structures are well-preserved, surrounded by various flowers and trees.
    00:00:40 This place is good for couples, family, and freinds
    00:00:46 to come and take pictures together.
    00:00:50 Just perfect!
    00:00:53 There’s no place like this.
    00:00:59 So, let’s just take more pictures!
    00:01:07 I think it’s really great to make the unused railroad a place for the citizens.
    00:01:15 See you in next video.
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    00:01:24 The Gyeongchun Line Forest Park was once a disused railway line, but it has been restored into a park since 2013. The whole section of 6km was opened to public in 2019.
    00:01:31 The park has 3 sections which have each own characteristics and charms.
    Section 1: A former residential area where old houses were turned into cafes and community spaces for residents
    Section 2: Garden with a variety of trees and plants that are raised by citizens
    Section 3: A railway forest park where you can walk quietly and feel the history of the former Hwarangdae Station.