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  • Gwanghwamun Square: Korea’s most accessible park

  • Integrated News SMG 7049

    The Gwanghwamun Square has been awarded a “Barrier-Free” certification as it was acknowledged as the nation’s first obstacle-free public park, Seoul City announced.

    The Barrier-Free certification means the facility is friendly to the physically challenged, the aged and pregnant women. Seoul City said Gwanghwamun Square received the first-grade designation jointly standardized by the Ministry of Health & Welfare and Family and the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs. Seoul City said the public space was designed to be conveniently accessible and safe for physically challenged people.

    The local government highlighted that the Haechi grounds are free of any sidewalk bumps or inclinations, and emphasized the availability of elevators and restrooms equipped for the disabled. It added that the Gwanghwamun Square is convenient and obstacle-free for the general public.

    “Seoul City will do its best to create a harmonious society by building an infrastructure that is safe and convenient for everyone,” Lee Kwang-sae, an official of the Seoul City infrastructure division, said.