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  • Gungsan Park in Seoul

  • Gungsan Park in Seoul

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    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, OCT 5: (No charge for the supply, release, or publication of the photograph. The photos are allowed for editorial and commercial use, and the image is retouched with color modifications.)

    Gungsan Park, located in Gangseo-gu, is a neighborhood park situated in Gungsan Mountain, which was the site of Yangcheongoseong Fortress from the Three Kingdoms period, and was home to Yangcheon Hyanggyo, the last remaining Confucian school in Seoul, and Soangnu Pavilion, where Gyeomjae Jeongseon spent his time working on his paintings. This place also served as an assembly point for combat medics during the Japanese invasions of Korea, and a strategic point where ROK troops were stationed during the Korean War. The peak, offering a wide panoramic view of the Hangang River, was frequented by seonbi scholars in olden days to leisurely enjoy their time boat watching and relaxing.