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  • Seoul Makes “Guidelines for the Equality of Wages Between Men and Women” to Encourage Participation from the Private Sector

  • SMG 3899

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has become the nation’s first local government to make the “Guidelines for the Equality of Wages Between Men and Women” (hereinafter “Guidelines”) through the realization of equal wages to address wage discrimination based on sex. The Guidelines will be distributed in July.

    The Guidelines were reviewed by the members (experts) of the Seoul Wage Gap Improvement Council based on a report from the Korean Women’s Development Institute. Specifically, the Guidelines are focused on the realization of equal wages between sexes, providing self-diagnosis tables and related laws for better use in business settings.

    The Guidelines include self-diagnosis tables in various fields for realizing equal wages between sexes, including ▴recruitment, ▴education, arrangement, promotion, and assessment, ▴retirement and resignation, ▴maternity & paternity leave, shortening of working hours during parenting periods, ▴pregnancy and childbearing, ▴labor unions, and ▴wages, as well as autonomous status survey tables for wage and employment control.

    For example, the checklist includes, “Do you decide on a number of new male and female employees to recruit ahead of time?” “Do you discriminate between job candidates depending on their sex when it comes to types of employment (full-time, temporary)?” and related laws are also provided.

    Alongside with the self-diagnosis tables, the Guidelines contain the necessity to realize equal wages, the causes of the wage gap between sexes, the trend of policies addressing the wage gap between sexes, and the current state of the wages of male and female workers in Seoul to raise awareness surrounding the importance of the realization of equal wages and to make companies and workers understand that the wage gap between sexes originated from sexual discrimination on various levels.

    After the “announcement of public wages for equality between sexes” in 2019, the SMG expanded the target of wage information collection from full-time and permanent employees to short-term and temporary workers of the organizations in which the city has invested and funded. Additionally, the SMG selected 20-30 samples among the privately commissioned institutions to collect and analyze their wage differences between sexes to make more efforts to address the wage gap between males and females in the private sector.

    Annex. The cover of Seoul’s Guidelines for the Equality of Wages Between Men and Women