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  • A Guide to “I · SEOUL · U” the New Seoul Brand

  • SMG 7066

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced the final version of the new official Seoul Brand,   아이서울유_최종. The final brand is the design selected by Seoul citizens but features minor refinements made by experts.

    The Seoul government released an online version of the official “Seoul Brand Guide,” which provides information and guidance on how people may freely use the new Seoul Brand,   아이서울유_최종, as long as the meaning and identity of the brand is maintained. In other words, the new brand is available as a third-generation open-platform design, meaning any citizen or for-profit or non-profit company may use the brand.

    The Seoul Brand Guide is free to download from the Seoul Brand website (http://seoulbrand.go.kr), and Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to release an English version of the guide for use in cities around the world.

    After extensively considering various citizen opinions expressed following the selection of the brand and holding discussions among the Seoul Brand Promotion Committee, which is composed of citizens and experts, as well as with experts in the branding and design industries, the placement of the dots was changed so that the final design of   아이서울유_최종    would stress that the I and U are “connected through Seoul.”


    Official Version of Seoul Brand


    On October 28 at the Meeting of 1,000 Citizens,   아이서울유_최종   was selected to replace    , which had been the Seoul Brand for 13 years. The new brand will take its place as the official Seoul Brand in the first half of next year, after the necessary amendment is made to the “Ordinance of Seoul Metropolitan’s Symbol.”


    Examples of Possible Uses of Seoul Brand

    서울브랜드 활용예시