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  • Guest Cities Exhibition & Seoul Exhibition of Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2021

  • Press Releases SMG 167
    • Guest Cities Exhibition and Seoul Exhibition display unique interpretations of the theme “Crossroad” from the viewpoint of the future
    • Through the Biennale, Seoul raises basic questions and suggests solutions for radical changes towards near-future cities
    • Guest Cities Exhibition and Seoul Exhibition will be held at Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture by October 31st
    • The event is an opportunity to imagine a sustainable city with vitality and resilience

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, October 13, 2021 – The two main exhibitions of the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2021 (Seoul Biennale)—Seoul Exhibition and Guest Cities Exhibition—is now open to the public in the Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture.

    The Seoul Biennale is an international event hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government to ponder over various solutions for urban issues and promote cultural/architectural exchange with cities around the world. Under the theme of “Crossroad, Building the Resilient City,” this year’s biennale is being held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), the Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture, and Sewoon Arcade. It is open for 46 days, from Thursday, September 16th to Sunday, October 31st.

    The Guest Cities Exhibition and Seoul Exhibition have a subtheme, “Atlas of Future Cities,” and are planned with four keywords—Future City, Air, Care, and Fare. Through exhibitions, Seoul introduces its own projects and various projects for future cities in other countries. Also, there will be commissioned artworks delivering a new interpretation of projects related to Seoul.

    The Guest Cities Exhibition, where Choi Choon, Professor at Seoul National University, joined as a curator, pursues networking platforms of cities. While dealing with 38 projects and 35 cities, exhibitions and discussions will be held to share each city’s experiences regarding the arrival of future technologies in daily lives, such as AI and automation, as well as emergencies, such as unexpected climate change, disaster, and diseases.

    Visitors can experience numerous exhibitions about the innovation of agreements and systems, which lead to natural changes and the regeneration of cities. Plus, there will be regional development projects and projects for improving major urban infrastructures. Prime examples are Basel’s “Swim City,” Berlin’s “Rethinking the City: Shaping the Future, Berline TXL.”

    In the Seoul Exhibition, the SMG displays its policies and projects to cope with radical urban changes regarding low-carbon Green New Deal and smart mobility. Commissioned artworks that deliver architects and artists’ unique interpretations will draw public attention.

    “Exhibition in Exhibition,” which shares the exhibition content of three representative architectural and urbanism halls in France, will provide a fresh experience. The hall in Bordeaux shares varied ideas to experience architecture with children, and the hall in Paris shows new ways to take a walk while exploring cities anew. Last but not least, the hall in Orléans shares videos of cities that three artists recorded.

    In the Guest Cities Exhibition and Seoul Exhibition, many other pre-recorded programs, such as forums, talks with artists, and Guest City talks collaborated with a US architecture podcast, await the audience. It will be a great opportunity to share ideas with and learn visions from global urban experts. Videos will be released at DDP, but anyone interested in them can watch them on the official Youtube channel of the Seoul Biennale(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiXl4uE_uIEW0nl97B54Q8A).