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  • Green cars sweep away Seoul during G20 summit

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    Hankuk Fiber electric bus: e-Primus

    Eco-Friendly Green Cars were the first taste of Korea that the opinion leaders from home and abroad have been receiving as of late due to the courtesy transportation services offered by Seoul City during the G20 Summit.

    Seoul City said it has revealed 53 green vehicles to provide transportation for local and foreign journalists during the Nov. 11 to 12 global summit, underscoring that it was the ideal time to show the world the country’s advanced green-vehicle technologies. It added that the summit would serve as a momentous occasion to expand the supply of green cars in Korea.

    Seoul City expects this occasion will act as a great opportunity to promote the state-of-the-art technologies of local companies to the global community, without the overhead of marketing costs, as well as to promote the city’s policies and philosophies aimed at fostering an eco-friendly city.

    GM Daewoo: Lacetti Premiere, Hyundai-Kia Motors hydrogen vehicle: Mojave hydrogen car, Hyundai Motors: BlueOn electric car

    A total of 38 eco-friendly cars were developed this year with the cooperation of companies like Hyundai Motors, GM Daewoo, and Hankuk Fiber. Another 15 hydrogen cars developed with globally competitive technologies were revealed as well.

    The fleet of green vehicles includes 10 electric cars called “BlueOn,” a brand launched by Hyundai Motors. It is touted as being the second electric car to have been developed in the world. Four electric buses and another 10 electric cars are GM Daewoo’s “Lacetti Premiere” Range. 10 other electric buses included in the fleet are the “e-Primus” that was jointly developed by Hankuk Fiber and Hyundai Heavy Industries. The “V-Green” vehicles make up the other four.

    Two hydrogen buses by Hyundai-Kia Motors and 13 Mojave hydrogen cars are also featured.

    Sixteen buses are operating either on electricity or hydrogen fuel and are running as shuttle buses to the summit sites. A total of 37 passenger green vehicles, such as BlueOn, are available to local and foreign journalists and participants of the summit.