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  • Graduate Students from Prestigious US Urban Administration Schools to visit Seoul

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    A total of 27 people, including professors and students of leading public administration schools in the US, are visiting Seoul in person to experience exemplary cases of Seoul Metropolitan Government administration.

    According to the University of Seoul, professors and students from graduate schools of public administration at Cornell University, University of Delaware, Central Florida University, and Portland State University will visit Seoul from October 20 to 25 and undergo the Seoul Case Study (SCS) program on policies in seven areas including culture, urban planning, and e-government.

    * Seoul Case Study (SCS, also known as Seoul Field Trip) is short for “Support for the Operation of Seoul Case Study as Credit Course at Leading Overseas Graduate Schools of Public Administration”; it is managed by the University of Seoul.

    The University of Seoul and the Seoul Metropolitan Government exchanged MOUs with 11 graduate schools of public administration including 10 in the US and 1 in the UK and enabled them to operate “Seoul Case Study” as their regular credit class to share and conduct academic study on the success stories of Seoul Metropolitan Government administration.

    Participants in the course take classes in areas where Seoul is internationally recognized including e-government and urban planning for one semester and take the Seoul Field Trip for about one week during their course to have an opportunity to learn success stories in administration and experience Korean culture.

    For the Seoul Field Trip, which marks its 12th annual event this year, officials in charge of various fields in Seoul administration will offer lectures; the delegation will then visit major policy sites including Seoul Transportation Operation & Information Service (TOPIS) to learn and experience its achievements. On October 25, the final day of the field trip, all participants of the program will make presentations on ways to develop Seoul and make policy recommendations.

    At the presentation session, different graduate schools will deliver their own presentations on ways to develop Seoul; upon returning to the US, they will submit research papers on Seoul administration. The University of Seoul will take steps to have the suggestions in the papers reflected on Seoul’s city policy.

    Since 2010 to present, 257 students from 11 universities have visited Seoul through the “Seoul Field Trip” and experienced successful cases of Seoul Metropolitan Government administration. Notably, in a survey conducted among the participants of the 11th program last year, participants expressed satisfaction: “It is a great pleasure to come to know Seoul as a city”; “found many matters that could be helpful to policy in the US,” and; “the program contributed significantly to improving the image of Korea as well as Seoul.”

    “We are holding consultations with other graduate schools of public administration in the US and Britain. Since the program seeks to have Seoul Metropolitan Government’s policy introduced for case study at these graduate schools, it will not only enhance brand awareness of Seoul Metropolitan Government but also help increase its urban competiveness,” said the International School of Urban Sciences at the University of Seoul, which manages the program.