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  • Governor of China’s Sichuan Province Becomes Honorary Citizen of Seoul

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    On July 28, Mayor Park Won Soon met with Wei Hong (魏宏), governor of Sichuan Province, China, who visited Seoul at the official invitation of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and promised to strengthen exchange and cooperation between Seoul and Sichuan. In addition, Governor Wei Hong was granted an “Honorary Seoul Citizen” certificate.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Sichuan Government signed an MOU on expanding mutual exchange and cooperation. Mayor Park and Governor Wei Hong decided to strengthen exchange and cooperation in a number of different areas, including the economy, urban construction, and tourism, and establish regular exchanges between the two cities.

    Honorary Seoul Citizenships are given to important foreign guests who have made significant contributions to the operation of Seoul’s administration. Other Honorary Seoul Citizens include heads of states, such as Laura Chinchilla Miranda, former president of Costa Rica (2012), and other notable individuals, such as Guus Hiddink, former coach of the Korean national soccer team (2002), and Hines Ward, an American football player (2006).

    “I hope that, as an Honorary Seoul Citizen, Sichuan Governor Wei Hong will focus on and support exchanges between Seoul and Sichuan,” said Mayor Park Won Soon. “By strengthening our ties with Sichuan, a major province in western China and the base of China’s Western Development policy, we will work toward launching practical policies and projects, such as mutual discount services for the citizens of both cities when visiting cultural and tourist facilities of each other’s cities.”

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government sent USD 300,000 of relief funding through the Korean Embassy in China after the Great Sichuan Earthquake (May 21, 2008), and also sent 100,000 bottles of Arisu water to children in the areas damaged by the earthquake (Jun 5, 2008).