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  • Goodbye bulky tour guide books! Hello ‘iTour Seoul’!

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    iTour Seoul Service

    Seoulites aren’t immune from getting all frazzled trying to figure out how to tour Seoul. So how much more trying would it be for first-time visitors to find travel information and actually tour around the nation’s capital? Now, however, traveling around Seoul has never been easier, even for those traveling alone! “iTour Seoul” has come to the rescue to relieve all your travel anxieties!

    iTour Seoul provides speed and convenience

    iTour Seoul is an Internet and mobile Web service designed to help tourists from home and abroad enjoy the city in a more efficient and convenient way. Important travel information can be found on the homepage www.visitseoul.net and through the mobile Web at m.visitseoul.net.

    Let’s set off on a tour with iTour Seoul!

    Seoul’s Celebrated Sights, My Own Trip Planner, Cultural Events Calendar, Performances/Movies Reservation Service

    All you need to know with iTour Seoul (www.visitseoul.net)

    Seoul City’s official home page, iTour Seoul (www.visitseoul.net), carries all of the important travel information on Korea’s capital. It is a handy reference for every celebrated tour sight, popular restaurant, accommodation, and other key tourist concerns. The site offers compact yet detailed information, along with photos, of all the popular sights in every corner of Seoul.

    For an even more comfortable journey, iTour Seoul provides an online reservation service for accommodations, performances and movies. It has garnered an explosive response from foreigners as the country’s first service to allow foreigners to reserve performance tickets, as well as choose a venue and seat, and pay on credit.

    Those who want to plan their own trips need only access the “Trip Planner” service on iTour Seoul. The service allows individuals to tailor their tours according to their needs, a process which also results in the creation of a personal guide map.

    All the information offered on iTour Seoul can also be conveniently accessed anytime and anywhere through the mobile Web service (m.visitseoull.net).

    Mobile Web main page, Mobile Web celebrated tourist sights information, Mobile Web performance/movies reservations

    Free iTour Seoul application download for smartphone users

    iTour Seoul is currently offering a free download of its application software that opens doors to information on famous tourist destinations, popular restaurants and hotels.

    Not only will users enjoy access to a wealth of recommendations, but they can also seek information on the best travel routes, using public transportation or a private vehicle, from their current place of destination. The service is available in five languages.

    The iTour Seoul application software can be used with iPhone, Android phone, and Windows Mobile. Foreigners can rent such phones containing the Seoul City software upon their arrival at Incheon International Airport, Gimpo International Airport or the City, Airport, Logis & Travel center.

    Forget about heavy and bulky guide books! Traveling around Korea’s capital is now a breeze thanks to the sense of fun and adventure provided by iTour Seoul.