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  • Good Morning, Mr. Robot

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    The Buk Seoul Museum of Art will present “Good Morning, Mr. Robot” at the Children’s Gallery from March 25 (Tues) to August 24 (Sun), 2014. This exhibition will provide a chance for children to participate and enjoy various pieces of modern “robot” art that are familiar to them.

    Along with a robot sculpture by Nam June Paik, the father of video art, artworks by young Korean artists such as Goh Geun-ho, Kim Gae-Hyun, Kim Donghyun, Kim Dong-ho, Seong Tae-Jin, Baeg Jong-Ki, Lee Kiil, and Lee Dongi, will be showcased at the exhibition. These works present robots reinterpreted through the artists’ imaginations and encompass various areas of modern art, such as engravings, sculptures, installations, and visual art. In particular, interactive artworks will also be on display for children to enjoy their experience through participation.

    The exhibition space is divided into four different sections under the theme, “Playing with Mr. Robot”. The four sections are Exploration, Imagination, Adventure, and Creation. Children can examine different robots with all their senses, imagine a world of robots through dreams and reality, and meet their robot heroes. Furthermore, a section will be dedicated for children to draw or build robots with toy blocks, allowing them to actively participate and enjoy the exhibition.

    Various programs related to the exhibition will also be available during this time. “Dreaming Museum,” a participatory art program for children between the ages of four and six, will be held in the Children’s Gallery and other studios at the Buk Seoul Museum of Art from April to June. In addition, “Q&A with the Artist,” “Understanding the Artistic World of Nam Jun Paik,” and other events will be held for youth and adults.

    Through such diverse integration of robots and modern art, the Buk Seoul Museum of Art will encourage people of all ages to gain a broader understanding of modern art and provide opportunities to develop new perspectives of robots and share their imagination and nostalgia.

    ※ Information on “Block and Brick Building” Sessions

    <Good Morning, Mr. Robot> Attendance of all “block and brick building” sessions requires reservation in advance.

    ● Information: Refer to Announcements http://sema.seoul.go.kr

    ● Reservation: Seoul Metropolitan Government Reservation for Public Service http://yeyak.seoul.go.kr

    ● Time and participants: Tuesday-Friday 1pm-8pm (1 hour per session/ total of 7 sessions / 5 participants per session)

    ● Contact: The Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Curatorial Division: 02-2124-5274