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  • Gocheok Skydome’s Facilities to be Newly Renovated to Reach Major League Standards

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    Gocheok Skydome is to be refurnished in light of the new year in 2019.

    On January 24, Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation installed an additional nursing room in Gocheok Skydome in Guro-gu and refurnished the performers’ waiting room as part of its 2019 facility improvements.

    The new nursing room was created on the second floor of Gocheok Skydome, with 14m2 in area. Various amenities ranging from heating and cooling systems, diaper-changing stations, breast-feeding sofas, to comfortable nursing and diaper-changing spaces for guardians are provided in the nursing room.

    The performers’ waiting room located near Gocheok Skydome seating area was also remodeled. The new waiting room of approximately 128㎡ in area was created as a space that allows for more stable preparations for performances. To achieve this goal, the single event waiting room was expanded into four rooms.

    This year, the city plans to newly build a photo zone at Gocheok Skydome Plaza and expand spectator waiting areas within underground sales facilities.

    Nursing Room
    ☞ Nursing Room

    Performer Waiting Room
    ☞ Performer Waiting Room

    Wall at first floor entrance
    ☞ Wall at first floor entrance

    Wall at first floor entrance
    ☞ Wall at first floor entrance