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  • Go Deock 119 Fire House Construct Project

  • Ordering PlanUrban admin 7565

    ○ Public Announcement for Design Competition

    ✓Application for/Inquiry into Entry
    Ordering InstitutionFire Administration Division, Gangdong Fire Station
    Address133, Yangjae-daero 156-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul
    More Informationhttp://fire.seoul.go.kr/kangdong
    ✓Outline to Design Service
    Service NameGo Deock 119 Fire House Construct Project
    Service Scopeenforcement design
    Land Location133, Yangjae-daero 156-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul
    Land Area660 ㎡Architecture SizeB0/3F, Floor area (750㎡)
    Estimated Construction Cost1,756,000 (Unit: ₩1,000) (including VAT)
    Estimated Design Cost89,000 (Unit: ₩1,000) (including VAT)
    ✓Outline to Design Entry
    Ways of EntryDesignated (i.e. Invited) Entry
    Qualification of EntryUnder the Certified Architects Act, an architect with an overseas licensemay conduct the construction design or supervision work in Korea (Refer

    to the Guide to Design Entry)

    Site DescriptionTime: 14:00, Feb 2 (Mon), 2015Place : within business site
    Application for EntryDuration : 9:00, Feb 3 (Tue)~ 18:00, Feb 4 (Wed), 2015Place : Fire Administration Division, Gangdong Fire Station

    Online Application :

    Entry of Design WorkPeriod : ~ 18:00, Feb 17 (Tue), 2015Place : Fire Administration Division, Gangdong Fire Station

    Online Entry :

    Name (Occupation)
    Selected Design & PrizeSelected designRight of contract for the design service
    Excellence Award and Runners-upPrize is given in proportion to service size and entry quantity (Note Design Entry Guide)

    ※ For further details, consult the Design Bid Guide and Work Contents (in Korean).

    ※ Matters regarding contracts will be governed by the pertinent Korean laws including The Act on Contracts with Self-governing Bodies.

    ※ Bid information and other related documents must be prepared in Korean. Naturally, documents in foreign languages must be translated into Korean.


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