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  • Globally Renowned Architects Gather in Seoul for UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects Congress in September

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    Global architects will gather in Seoul for the largest and the most prestigious international architectural event, ‘UIA (Union Internationales des Architects) 2017 World Architects Congress,’ which is also referred to as ‘the Architects’ Olympics.’ The ‘UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects Congress’ will be held from September 3rd (Sunday) to September 10th (Sunday), 2017 at COEX and DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza). The event will be co-hosted by UIA, FIKA (Federation of Institutes of Korea Architects), and the Seoul Metropolitan Government. This is the third time this event will be held in Asia following Beijing and Tokyo and it will be the largest event this year with about 30,000 architects and industry representatives attending from 124 nations around the world.

    UIA is the only international architects association that had been recognized by the UN with about 1.3 million members from 124 nations. The event does not focus on merely exhibitions and lectures but is a venue where architects from around the world gather together to discuss the latest trends of architecture and the future development directions of the industry. Seoul was successfully chosen as the host of this event after competing against Singapore and Mexico City during the general assembly of UIA held in Tokyo in 2011.

    ‘UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects Congress’ is composed of a total of 137 programs including symposiums, exhibitions, open lectures, open discussions, and architectural culture tours under the topic, ‘Soul of City’ The event will provide an opportunity to discuss the direction and role of architecture for sustainable human life in the midst of urbanization across the world.

    ‘UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects Congress’ will be largely divided into two programs including the main event (September 4th – 7th, COEX) and a public event (September, throughout the entire city including Culture Depot Base) in addition to the ‘UIA General Assembly’ (September 7th – 10th, DDP) to decide the venue of the next event in 2023.

    The schedule of the event will be filled with various programs that professional architects and students who study architecture can enjoy from opening & closing ceremonies, keynote lectures, keynote forums, public lectures, thesis and design presentations under various topics, exhibitions, and the UIA awards ceremony.

    Furthermore, the public programs will include ‘open discussion’ sessions with architects, ‘architectural culture tours’ that introduce the past and present of Seoul through architectural structures, ‘natural architectural experience’ that uses natural materials to build structures, and various other exhibitions.

    Meanwhile, Seoul will be celebrating September as the architecture-themed month and the city designated the month as ‘the month of architectural culture’ since various architectural events will be held at the same time during the same month.

    In addition to ‘UIA 2017 Seoul,’ do not miss ‘Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2017’ (Sep. 2nd – Nov. 5th), ‘2017 Seoul Architecture Festival’ (Sep. 1st – Sep. 24th), and ‘The 9th Seoul International Architecture Film Festival’ (Sep. 4th – Sep. 24th) that will also be good opportunities to cast light on and experience architecture in various ways.

    For more information on UIA 2017 Seoul, please call +82-2-586-2018 or visit http://www.uia2017seoul.org.

    UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects Congress Posters

    UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects Congress Posters

    UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects Congress Outline

    □ Outline

    • ○ Event Name: UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects Congress (UIA 2017 Seoul)
      (The 26th World Congress of Architecture, UIA 2017 Seoul)
    • ○ Dates: 3 Sep. 2017 (Sun) – 10 Sep. 2017
      − Opening ceremony: 4 Sep. 2017 (Mon), Exhibitions: 4 Sep. (Mon) – 7 Sep. (Thu) at COEX
    • ○ Venues: COEX, DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza)
    • ○ Topic: Soul of City ※ Subtopics: sustainability, historical culture, technology
    • ○ Size: 30,000 participants (2,000 foreign/ 6,000 Korean registered participants, 22,000 from the general public)
      – Representatives of 124 UIA member countries, UN-HABITAT, UNESCO, overseas clients and businesses, etc.
    • ○ Host: UIA ‧ FIKA ‧ Seoul Metropolitan Government
    • ○ Organized by: UIA 2017 Seoul World Architect Congress Organizing Committee
    • ○ Sponsors: Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Presidential Commission on Architecture Policy, Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation, Korean Land and Housing Corporation
    • ○ Programs: opening ceremony, official networking events, keynote speech, keynote forum, architecture fair, participating projects and more
    □ Event Schedule

    Sep. 3rd (U) Sep. 4th (M) Sep. 5th (T) Sep. 6th (W)
    UIA Board Meeting Pre-Event Keynote Lecture 4 Keynote Lecture 7
      Opening Ceremony Keynote Forum 2
    Keynote Forum 3
    Opening Reception Keynote Lecture 1 Student & Young Architects Pavilion Presentation Student Forum
      Keynote Forum 1
    Break Break
      Break Break Keynote Lecture 8
      Keynote Lecture 2 Keynote Lecture 5 Children’s Architecture Festival
      Parallel Session Student & Young Architects Pavilion Exhibition Parallel Session
      Student & Young Architects Platform Opening & Award Ceremony Parallel Session Young Architects Forum
      Keynote Lecture 3 (open to the public ) UIA 2017 Seoul Summer School Presentation Award Ceremony
        Keynote Lecture 6
    (open to the public )
    Student & Young Architects Platform Closing Ceremony
    Sep. 7th (R) Sep. 8th (F) Sep. 9th (S) Sep. 10th (U)
    UIA Gold Medalist Lecture UIA General Meeting UIA General Meeting UIA General Meeting
    Closing Ceremony     Break
    General Meeting Relocation      
    UIA General Meeting      

    UIA 2017 Seoul Private & Public Programs

    UIA 2017 Seoul Private & Public Programs
    Category Program Detail Date Venue
    Networking Event Reception 9/3(Sun) Seoul Museum of Art
    Opening Ceremony 9/4(Mon) COEX
    Welcome Banquet 9/5(Tue) Sebitseom Island
    UIA Award Ceremony 9/6(Wed) COEX
    Symposium Keynote Speech Park, Wonsoon 9/4(Mon) COEX
    Tsien, Billie & Williams, Tod
    Leatherbarrow, David 9/5(Tue)
    Perrault, Dominique
    Wattanavrangkul, Kobkarn 9/6(Wed)
    ABOU, Moussa
    Keynote Forum Future: Living in the Inner City 9/4(Mon)
    Culture: Design with History 9/5(Tue)
    Nature: Whispering with the yellow 9/6(Wed)
    Special Session Special Lecture Architecture Now (4) 9/4(Mon)~9/6(Wed) COEX
    UIA Seminar Special seminar organized by UIA members (30)
    Thesis Presentation Thesis & design presentation on Soul Of City (48)
    Thesis · Design Presentation & Special Forum IT & Architecture(5)
    Korean Housing Architecture Urban Development(3)
    Current Issues of Architecture and City(6)
    Open Building(2)
    Exhibition Private UIA Plaza 9/4(Mon)~9/7(Thu) COEX
    Architecture Fair
    Students & Young Architect Platform
    Public Future House 2020 & the 4th Industrial Revolution 9/1(Fri)~9/24(Sun) Culture Depot Base
    City Landscape Photo Exhibition
    Public Programs Public Lecture SCHUMACHER, Patrik 9/4(Mon) COEX
    CHO, Minsuk 9/5(Tue)
    Open Discussion Rigid Urban Housing Policies and Related Industries 9/9(Sat) Culture Depot Base
    Eating, Drinking, and Breathing in Seoul
    Discovery of Daily Spaces: Re-thinking the Architectural Education
    Rediscovering the Potentials of Houses in Alleys 9/16(Sat)
    Appearance of New Furniture for New Gathering Spaces
    Architecture Cultural Tour Urban Regeneration, Industrial Design 9/2(Sat) Field Tours
    Following the Traces of the Historical Spaces 9/3(Sun)
    From Jeongdong to Deoksugung Palace, Historical Byways in the Night 9/8(Fri)
    Modern Structures of Myeongdong 9/9(Sat)
    Exploring Cultural Heritage of Seongbuk-dong 9/10(Sun)
    Preserving the History and Memories of Seoul, Haebangchon & Seoullo 7017 9/15(Fri)
    Seochon Time Travel in Seochon 9/16(Sat)
    Old Houses in the City 9/17(Sun)
    Kim Swoo Geun’s Work 9/23(Sat)
    Seoul Architecture Award Winners (Gangnam),Ⅱ(Gangbuk) 9/9·16(Sat)
    Natural Materials Architectural Experience Wood block 9/2·9/16(Sat) Culture Depot Base

    □ Note: Events of UIA 2017 Seoul Organizing Committee l Events of Seoul Metropolitan Government