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  • Global Volunteer Group ‘W’ with Foreigners

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    The Seoul Volunteer Center is recruiting (until February 19) “4th Global Supporters,” or project leaders who will assist with the planning and carrying out of volunteer activities to enable international residents in Seoul to share their skills and talents, as well as providing a volunteer service in foreign languages, by figuring out their desire for volunteer service. The Global Volunteer Group “W” is composed of Global Supporters, including foreign residents in Korea who are not proficient in Korean, and Korean nationals and foreigners who are proficient in two languages including Korean. By minimizing language barriers, they enable foreigners to participate in volunteer activities throughout the City as they please.

     Civil servants from Malaysia carrying out volunteer activities in Seoul Grand Park , Foreign wives married to Koreans at the hansik (Korean food) Festival making food for senior citizens - Cooking contest and food sharing _1 -

    Global Supporters can opt to join either an operations team that constructs and operates an English online community of volunteers for foreigners, and plans volunteer activities, or an assistant team that helps foreigners involved in volunteer activities with any communication difficulties. The Global Supporters can remain with the volunteer service to the year’s end, although the period of service may be extended.

     Foreign wives married to Koreans at the hansik (Korean food) festival with senior citizens - Cooking contest and food sharing _2 - , Volunteer Ombudsman for spelling of foreign language signs

    In 2011, the Global Volunteer Group “W” planned and conducted more than ten projects, including mobile multi-culture classes, and served as an ombudsman on the spelling of foreign language signs. A foreign volunteer who participated in the program said, “We felt it was very rewarding to switch our status from beneficiaries of others’ help to that of volunteers who help others, and had a great opportunity to learn more about Korean culture.”

    Citizens who wish to participate in the Global Supporters Group should download the application form at the Volunteer Center’s website, and send their email applications to (jooyaya8@gmail.com). For further details, please dial Jin Seon-ju (Cooperation Project Division at +82-2-776-8478.

    (Photo courtesy: Seoul Volunteer Center)