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  • Global Seoul Mates 4th Mission: The Mountain Trails and Undisciplined Drivers in Seoul

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    With the new year, the Seoul city government also has laid out ten 10 new policies that cover the citizens safety, welfare, living and happiness.

    While most of the facilities and welfare policies seem to be sufficient for me, I am more of the type who would like to explore the other parts of the city, which I have yet to discover.

    And the new policy No. 7, which is the development of more trails around the mountains surrounding the city, just caught my fancy. Who wouldnt want to hike up the mountain and take a breather from all the chaos downtown?

    So, in 2014, I am looking forward to exploring these new trails around the mountains. Spring time, or maybe even next autumn would be a good time to do this.

    So, what else do I expect in 2014? Maybe heavier penalties for undisciplined drivers in Seoul, especially those who do not respect traffic lights and the rights of pedestrians. I am also irritated with those delivery motorbikes who speed through the sidewalks as if this was a race track.

    And those bus drivers who ignore traffic lights should also be re-educated.

    I think it would be helpful if the citizens, and not just the traffic enforcers, can help report on these drivers before more car accidents happen and more pedestrians are injured or worse, killed!

    Calling Mr. Mayor!