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Global Seoul - Mate Notice

  • Recruitment of Global Seoul- Mate K-Culture Experts

  • Global Seoul - Mate Notice SMG 2176

    •The Seoul Metropolitan Government is looking for K-Culture Experts from among the Global Seoul Mates. The K-Culture Experts will participate in discovering K-Culture-related tourist attractions in Seoul!

    Scope of Recruitment

    – Eligibility : Any Global Seoul Mate who loves K-Culture and lives in Seoul

    – Number of recruits : 20 to 30 people

    – Application period: May 28 ~ June 2, 2013

    – Submit application form by email to spark@seoulwelcome.com

    Application form download

    – Announcement : June 4, 2013
    – Activity period : June 10 ~ August 31, 2013
    – Orientation: June 2013 (exact date to be announced)

    Role a of K-Culture Expert

    ① Participate in creating a K-Culture-related tour by introducing your favorite places that hold various K-Culture content
    * Such K-Culture content may include such things as K-POP, Korean television dramas and movies, Korean food, shopping, and beauty products and services, among others. Each participant may choose his/her own favorite themes and develop a tour.
    ② Visit each potential location for Seoul’s ideal K-Culture tour and determine whether it is a suitable tourist attraction (i.e. accessibility, relevance to K-Culture content, etc.)
    ③ Submit a short report on the site, including photos (report format TBA)
    ④ Field report period : June ~ July, 2013

    Benefits of K-Culture Experts
    – Transportation fees for field reports (provided with T-money cards)
    – Introduction of each K-Culture Experts on Hallyu webpage on www.visitseoul.net
    – Special prizes for the most outstanding K-Culture Experts

    ※ This position is separate from that of the Global Seoul Mates. The submitted report (including photos and videos) will be used in the creation of Seoul’s K-Culture tours.

    * For enquiries, please contact Ms. Seo-Young Park of the Seoul Tourism Organization at spark@seoulwelcome.com