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2014 Global Seoul-Mates : Mission

  • Cory May

  • 2014 Global Seoul-Mates : Mission 1529

    I was recently appointed as a Global Seoul-Mate by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in June 2014. I view this as a great honor! As a Global Seoul-Mate, I am part of a community of foreigners who have a love for Seoul. We use our social media outlets to promote the wonderful things that we love about Seoul. As a Global Seoul-Mate, we are given several \”missions\” throughout the year. Our first mission is to make a collage with the word \”SEOUL\” using different images for each letter taken from pics around our daily lives. Seoul is a huge city. There are so many wonderful, beautiful things within Seoul so I didn\’t know where to begin. What I love to do is walk around the city and explore so I used that as my starting point to find shapes and letters to spell \”S E O U L.\” I found lots of inspiration all around the city – so much, in fact, that I had to actually filter through all the letter forms I found and pick a select few that I felt had some interesting qualities to them. The letters spelling \”S E O U L\” in my video are from many sources, such as company signs to formations found within nature. Seoul is full of art, nature, architecture, history, technology and culture. Through various Global Seoul-Mate projects, I hope to share the love I have for the city of Seoul with the rest of the world! Please enjoy! All images and video are mine. Music was created by me using royalty-free audio samples from Looperman.com and using freeware ACID Express 7.0. Credit to: Marie Frenette for filming assistance and Korean translation. Geunook Ji (Facebook.com/omijakorean) for Korean translation.