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  • Global Real Estate Agency

    00:00:00 Hi. This is Serena.
    00:00:03 I came to Seoul to get a house today.
    00:00:05 Let’s go with me.
    00:00:20 Hello.
    00:00:23 I’d like to ask you about finding a house.
    00:00:27 OK. Please have a seat.
    00:00:30 What’s the difference between Chonsei and Wolsei?
    Chonsei(lease) is to pay big deposit at first when you move in, and it doesn’t require additional costs during the lease.
    00:00:39 What’s the difference between Chonsei and Wolsei?
    Wolsei(monthly rent) is to pay a certain amount every month with a low deposit.
    00:00:47 The real estate agency I just went to is very reliable.
    00:00:51 The best thing is that they can speak Chinese.
    00:00:55 It’s best to have no problem in communication when you’re doing something important like finding a house.
    00:01:03 Without misunderstanding due to language difference,
    00:01:05 you can check everything clearly before signing the lease.
    00:01:08 And finding a house is the most important thing anyway.
    00:01:12 It’s like the first thing you do when you come to Seoul.
    00:01:16 The biggest concern of all foreigners, including Chinese students, is finding a house.
    00:01:22 So it’s good to find a real estate agency where staffs can speak Chinese so that there’s no communication problem.
    00:01:33 So, it’s all for today. See you later~
    00:01:40 The global real estate agencies, which are designated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, provide real estate sales and lease agreements in certain foreign languages.
    These agencies broker real estate transactions for foreign residents in Seoul, and guide them with the real estate acquisition methods and procedures.
    00:01:46 Seoul is expanding global real estate agencies every year to further ensure the city is aligned with global values, and last year, the number of agencies in Seoul expanded by 258. (as of Aug 2018)