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  • Global Metropolitan Forum of Seoul successfully held at Sangam

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    The forum was held under the theme of ‘The Future of Global Metropolis Seoul: From Limitless Competition to Boundless Cooperation.’

    The ‘Global Metropolitan Forum of Seoul’ was held on March 10 in the DMC Nuritkum Square of Sangam-dong, Seoul, to seek ways of improving the competitiveness of global cities by analyzing the major city trends worldwide and discussing how Seoul City should map out its future vision and direction amid the rapid-changing circumstances. In particular, the forum was meaningful because it was held in the DMC Nuritkum Square, a proposed future Seoul landmark and magnet for foreign capital and a foreign workforce.

    About 500 people, including politicians, corporate executives, professors from home and abroad and foreign diplomats in South Korea, attended the forum, the fourth of its kind since it was launched in 2007. At the forum, foreign intellectuals such as Rolf Jensen, chief imagination officer of Dream Company, and Richard Florida, professor at University of Toronto and scholars, Creative Class Group discussed the Vision 2020 and strategies for a global metropolitan Seoul.

    Under the theme of ‘The Future of Global Metropolis Seoul: From Limitless Competition to Boundless Cooperation,’ the forum emphasized that development with social integration and the identification of future growth engines through the promotion of the technology industry were important factors in the shaping of Seoul’s future. In addition, participants at the forum agreed that better cooperation among global cities inside-and-outside of a region was essential for balanced development.

    Foreign diplomats in Seoul paid keen attention at the forum. 28 diplomats from 26 foreign missions in South Korea, including Singapore, France, Germany and Italy, attended the forum. Also, 17 foreign missions, including the United States and Spain, sent their messages to the forum, which where then put on display.

    Among the other foreign participants were Alan Timblick, head of the Seoul Global Center, Christina Confalonieri, a TV celebrity for the KBS talk show ’Chatting Beauties,’ and Paul Hussey, head of the Yeoksam Global Village Center.

    After the forum’s formal sessions ended, Rolf Jensen met ordinary citizens in a ‘dialogue with a keynote speaker’ allowing them to hear his thoughts on Seoul.

    After comprehensively reviewing the suggestions from foreign and domestic scholars at the ‘Global Metropolitan Forum of Seoul,’ Seoul City plans to actively incorporate them in the city’s vision and strategic tasks for 2020.