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  • Global Hackathon to be held in Seoul, July 2015

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    SEOUL, Dec. 30, 2014 – ‘Hackathon’, an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, collaborate intensively on software projects, is to be held in July, 2015, in Seoul. The event, which is rooted from Silicon Valley, U.S.A, is a venue for participants to share ideas on a specific topic within a set time, and to produce tangible results, including innovative programs or products.

    The event will mark the first of its kind held in Seoul. The word ‘Hackathon’ derived from two word s, Hacker and Marathon.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on Dec 29 (Mon) that it will sponsor the ‘Global Hackathon Seoul’ in 2015. Around 2,000 participants, including young entrepreneurs, IT developers, and start-up companies in the United States and China, will be invited in Seoul for the 3 nights and 4 days event.

    Seoul said despite Korea’s world best IT platform, there has been a no case of global Hackathon held in the country, and companies and young people interested in the event, have been paying the fees out of their pockets to join the event held abroad. By hosting ‘Global Hackathon Seoul’, Seoul expects that it will be able to offer a great opportunity for Korean young people and domestic companies to experience the global event, and elevates the city’s stance as an IT innovation city on a global stage as well.

    Already many global companies have been sponsoring ‘Hackathon’ with their own themes. In Korea, private companies have been active on the scene.

    Some major companies were born from the Hackathons, such as GroupMe. The company began as a project at a Hackathon at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2010 conference, and was acquired by Skype for about USD 80 million (KRW 83 billion). The ‘Like’ button and the chatting feature of the Facebook are also the brainchild of Hackathon held in the company.

    The ‘Global Hackathon Seoul’ will be held for three nights and four days, on specific topics. Participants will vie to develop IT products, such as mobile applications and contents. Projects in each topic will be screened and winners with high grades will be awarded with cash and other prizes.

    Notably, Seoul will invite domestic and overseas IT giant companies, so that participants’ ideas will have a chance to lead to a start-up. In addition, prominent IT figures, such as famous IT engineers and CEOs will be invited to speak on newest technologies and the IT industry trends.

    In the meantime, participating companies will have chance to promote their products and brands to domestic and overseas investors and media in their own booth in the event hall. Seoul will also offer supports for the companies to build platform to enter global markets, network with one another, and recruit IT talents.

    Registration for the Hackathon Seoul will begin in March, 2015. More information and detailed schedule will be posted on the city government’s website (www.seoul.go.kr) and (www.seoul.globalhackathon.io).

    For the successful event hosting, Seoul government and ‘Global Hackathon’, an American non-profit group, singed ‘MOU for Global Hackathon Seoul’ at 10:00 a.m., at the conference hall on the 8th floor of the City Hall’s main building on Dec 29 (Mon).

    ‘Global Hackathon’ is a non-profit organization based in Michigan, U.S.A, set up by young people who participated in the events. The group aims to promote ITC development and build of global network by supporting hosting of Hackathons in major cities around the world.

    Seoul Mayor, Park Won-Soon, said. “The Global Hackathon Seoul will be a great opportunity for young people and IT developers to have a unique experience and build a global network. We expect that the event will be significant venue for young people who want to start an IT venture or seek employment in the industry, as well as domestic and overseas companies which seek to recruit IT talents.