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    Global Digital Seoul 2020 Seoul Metropolitan Government has undertaken steps to become the world leader in e-Government by 2020. The city has under taken projects such as Initial Plans for Digital Seoul 2020 and Global Digital Seoul 2020 – New Connections, Different Experiences along with many other projects to take Seoul into the future. This push is being driven by the citizens themselves with the government planning to gather on and offline opinions of about 100,000 Seoul citizens to guide its policy decisions. Click on the link which will take you to a detailed page of the projects and plans Seoul Metropolitan Government has in place to be the world leader in e-Government by 2020. Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon said, “As mentioned in my New Year’s address, this year will be the starting point in our city’s journey towards becoming the real global digital capital. Initial Plans for Digital Seoul 2020 will serve as a guide map…Using digital techniques, most policies will be established by citizens, the beneficiaries of public digital service with an aim to make our city one of the world’s leading digital capital by 2020. Plus, through a new digital industry, our city will create jobs, which will stimulate the economy, and solve various urban problems.”