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  • Global Culture Education at Seoul Elementary, Middle, High Schools Enjoy Immense Popularity

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    The “Distant Countries, Near Countries Visiting Classrooms” program allows foreigners to visit the classrooms of elementary, middle and high school students in Seoul City, and to introduce the culture and history of their home countries. Since 2008 the program has involved more than 50 foreigners from over 30 countries worldwide, providing education sessions to over 8,000 students.

    Class on Congo at Hancheon Elementary School (May 2011), Class on Ghana at Beodle Elementary School (May 2011)

    Notably, as many as 4,100 students have already taken part in the program in the three months or so since the beginning of this year’s first semester. Also, the program will be conducted for more than 600 students at over twenty schools in July.

    Teachers have shown keener interest as well. As many as 189 schools, representing a more than three-fold increase from the 59 schools involved last year, have applied for the program this year.

    Class on Nepal at Cheongryang Elementary School (May 2011), Class on China at Shinhyun Elementary Student (May 2011)

    In order to ensure continuity and professionalism in education, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to accept recommendations from knowledgeable and highly experienced lecturers from fifteen embassies. The City Government also plans to single out people of excellence from among past lecturers, and thus develop the program as a genuine “venue for experiencing global cultures.”

    Additionally, the City Government plans to boost global culture education on non-OECD member countries, whose nationals account for more than 90 percent of migrant workers in Korea and foreign spouses married to Koreans, in order to cultivate the spirit of multicultural citizenship, and for the City to move a step closer toward social integration between Koreans and foreigners.