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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will be holding the “Global Contest for Content Related to Support for Overcoming COVID-19” in order to conquer COVID-19 together with the citizens. We look forward to the participation of many citizens who are interested in the “Content Related to Support for Overcoming COVID-19” with excellent examples from the public sphere, stories about nameless heroes and heroines, and warm stories created during the social-distancing period.

    April 2020

    Mayor of Seoul

    1. Title of Contest: Content Related to Support for Overcoming COVID-19

    2. Details: Mature sense of citizenship and examples from the public sphere for overcoming the COVID-19 crisis

    • Stories of overcoming COVID-19 together with nameless citizen heroes and heroines
      • – Ex. Cases of voluntary participation of citizens, including volunteering in the healthcare and quarantine sectors and donation of masks
    • Excellent examples from the public sphere of overcoming COVID-19
      • – Ex. Drive-through/walk-in screening centers, sharing clinic beds between regions, residential treatment centers, etc.
    • Warm support and encouragement during the days of social distancing- “physically far apart but close at heart”
      • – Ex. Online donations by talented citizens, cheerful and encouraging messages to overcome COVID-19
      • ※ Participants can choose what they want to deliver in their work, regardless of the examples above (ex. combining examples of the public sector’s control of the crisis and citizens’ voluntary work; combining a story of quarantine volunteer work and a supportive message to those affected by COVID-19)

    3. Qualifications: None ※ Teams can have a maximum of three members.

    • Koreans/non-Koreans living in and outside of South Korea

    4. Categories: Video & Image

    • Video: No restrictions on genre, including storytelling, clip/animated GIF, music video, etc.
      • – Size: Videos between 10 sec.-5 min.
    • Image: Poster, card news, photo, illustration, webtoon, etc.
      • – Size: digital (jpg, up to 20 MB), developed photo (11″×14″), poster/illustration (bigger than A4)

    5. Contest Timetable

    • Contest Announcement/Recruitment: April 8 (Wed.) – May 22 (Fri.), 2020
    • Announcement of Winners: Scheduled for mid-June 2020 (to be announced on the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s website and through personal message)
    • Award Ceremony: Scheduled for the end of June 2020 (scheduled to be an online ceremony)
      • ※ This schedule is subject to change according to circumstances. Any changes will be announced on the website.

    6. Submission: Online application

    7. Evaluation

    • (1st round) Preliminary Evaluation: Basic qualifications
      • – Compliance with subject, entry format (size, length, etc.), required documents
    • (2nd round) Public Evaluation: Surgery of online citizens
      • – Date: June 1- 5, 2020 (Mon.-Fri.)
      • – Survey: Measuring citizens’ preferences through YouTube channel (the number of shares/views/comments/likes)
    • (3rd round) Expert Evaluation: Grading and selecting winners based on items of assessment
    Assessment Item Score Evaluator
    (2nd round) Citizens’ preferences 30 Citizens
    (3rd round) Creativity 20 Experts
    Compliance to subjects 25
    Perfection 15
    Usability 10
    Total 100

    8. Award Ceremony

    • Awarding winners: Online Awards Ceremony
    • Prize money: A total of KRW 30 million (for 48 pieces of work)
    Award Ceremony
    Category/Prize Video Image
    Grand Prize 1 winner, KRW 10 million
    Gold Prize 1 winner KRW 3 million 1 winner KRW 2 million
    Silver Prize 2 winners 20 2 winners KRW 1 million each
    Bronze Prize 3 winners KRW 1 million each 3 winners KRW 500,000 each
    Participation Prize 10 winners KRW 200,000 each 10 winners KRW 100,000 each
    Special Prize 15 children, KRW 100,000 each

    ※ Children means elementary school students and younger as of 2020 (*born after 2008)
    ※ Amount of prize money is in Korean currency; if paid in foreign currency, the exchange rate at the point of transfer will be applied
    Ex. As of March 26, 2020, the KRW → USD exchange rate is KRW 1,230: 1 USD. This means winners of KRW 5 million will receive 4,065.04 USD.

    9. Notes

    • Please feel free to participate, but once submitted, your work will not be returned.
    • Those who pass the 1st round must submit the original copy of their work.
    • Final winners must participate in the (online) award ceremony.
    • Any civil and criminal liability related to the portrait rights and copyrights of the submitted work belongs to the participant.
    • Winners of other contests and similar works will be excluded from evaluation. If the work that was selected to win turns out to have won other contests or was plagiarized from other works, the judging committee can rescind the award and the winner will have to forfeit the prize money.
    • The judging committee can decide to not to present any awards or cancel parts of awards according to the number and quality of submitted works.
    • The copyrights of the selected works will be possessed by the creator, but the Seoul Metropolitan Government can use them in publications and exhibitions within the range of accomplishing the goal of this contest and serving public interest.
    • The timetable of this contest are subject to change. Changes will be announced on the official website of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and “Seoul in Your Palm” (http://mediahub.seoul.go.kr).
    • For inquiries, contact the Contest Management Office at ☎+82-70-7730-0968 & smilewk93@goodcontest.co.kr.

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