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  • Gilsangsa Temple in Seoul

  • Gilsangsa Temple in Seoul

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    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, MAY 13: (No charge for the supply, release, or publication of the photograph. The photos are allowed for editorial and commercial use and retouched under color modification .)

    Gilsangsa Temple is a temple that opened in 1997, built on the very spot of the former restaurant Daewongak. Located in Seongbuk-dong, Seoul, the temple is considered one of the best trails in the city for relaxing walks amid abundant nature. Gilsangsa Temple is famous as the residence of the late Zen Master Bopjong, who practiced musoyu (“non-possession”), and visitors can stop by Jinyeonggak where monks’ images and articles are displayed. The temple also features Gilsang Sunwon and the House of Silence, special meditation halls for Buddhist monks, the latter being a space dedicated to practicing personal devotion through Zen meditation and musical contemplation. Gilsangsa Temple is not limited to Buddhists but is open to all visitors, and the site is a significant attraction of Seongbuk-dong.