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  • Get Your Caricature Drawn at Seoul Hotspots on Weekends

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    Seoul City will hold caricature drawing events attended by cartoonists at five tourist hotspots across the city on every weekend from April to October.

    The event will take place from 1 pm to 6 pm every Saturday and Sunday at Gwanghwamun Square, Seoul’s flagship square; Dream Forest, the representative park of northern Seoul; Seonyudo Park, Korea’s first recycling eco-park; J-Bug, an emerging hotspot at Ttukseom Hangang Park; and the Seoul Animation Center at Namsan, the hub of comics and animation.

    View of caricature drawing program, A child smiles upon receiving her caricature, A foreign tourist participating in a caricature drawing event

    At every site, three to four cartoonists will draw caricatures in their unique drawing styles for visitors, using various materials including pastels, Indian ink, and color pens. The event will provide an exotic experience and great fun not only for family groups on outings and couples on a date but also for tourists who are visiting Seoul.

    As the cartoonists will communicate with citizens and draw caricatures of them, the event is also expected to help people better understand and develop an affinity for comics and cartoons, and to help galvanize the comics industry.

    For further information on this program, please contact Seoul City’s Culture and Design Industry Division at +82-2-2171-2438, or the Seoul Animation Center at +82-2-3455-8318.