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Seoul’s Symbols


Seoul, Where “You” and “I” Connect and Coexist



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Between people, there is Seoul.

Between “you” and “I,” among citizens, and among people all around the world… Seoul is at the center of all relationships. Seoul is a city where diverse nationalities and generations, mountains and rivers, ancient palaces and skyscrapers, and all disparate elements coexist in harmony.



Seoul fills the gap between the two dots, which represent passion and relaxation.

The red dot next to “I” signifies passion, while the blue dot next to “U” symbolizes relaxation. Seoul is what allows everything to coexist in harmony, from “my heated passion” to “your calm relaxation.”



The Korean letter “ㅇ” and English letter “O” are brought together as one.

The letter “O” in “SEOUL” is expressed as the Korean letter “ㅇ,” illustrating the pride of Korean and highlighting Seoul’s coexistence with the rest of the world. The Korean letter “ㅇ” is also the same shape as the traditional Korean door handle. Therefore, it also suggests that “you and I knock on the door to Seoul and walk in together.”

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